Are the Wyatt family breaking up?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 24, 2014.

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  1. Are the Wyatt family breaking up? Harper/Rowan having their own entrance music and Bray coming out on his own now. It seems that way wouldnt surprise me if this continues they have had a long run being together
  2. Wyatt did a promo after the Harper/Rowan's matches saying how proud he was of them so they haven't split. They have their own entrance because they are establishing themselves as a top tag team. Wyatt came out alone in the main event because he had 3 other partners and no need for Rowan/Harper (although that didn't work out too well in the end).
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  3. Even if they did break up I don't think people would talk about it as much as The Shield break up. The Wyatts are cool and all, but it wouldn't bother me seeing them go their separate ways. How much higher could The Shield have gone as a group anyway? At some point I knew they were going to split, but I didn't expect it to happen when it did and the way it happened just seemed weird. I'm ok with the current situation, they were all put in Money in The Bank. They can be just as successful apart as they were together. The same goes for The Wyatts. I like the Usos and all but I kind of hope Harper and Rowan win the tag team titles. That would be interesting. As for Bray Wyatt, if Roman Reigns doesn't win it he would be my second pick, but most likely WWE won't have any faith in their new talent and we'll get Cena or Orton shoved in our faces. If they don't have Cena or Orton walk out as champ it would surprise me. I really wouldn't mind seeing Bray Wyatt as champion, anyone that isn't Cena or Orton would be nice.
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    I'm pretty sure they wouldn't unceremoniously break the Family apart like that, especially with Wyatt, Harper and Rowan all contending for championship gold at the PPV, which lends itself to the possibility of all three men walking out as champions on Sunday. I don't think new theme music for Rowan and Harper as a team was really necessary, but meh. It could be a sign that they're gearing them up for a run with the Tag Team Championships and wanted them to have different music to set them apart from Bray for awhile.
  5. Not how I saw it, would be surprised.
  6. I hope they stay together
  7. If you saw Smackdown you would know that they are still a stable.
  8. Just wouldn't make sense to have two stables break up around the same time.
  9. No, they're not breaking up at all. I think they just decided to add a bit more identity to Harper and Rowan with the theme, perhaps because they're winning the tag titles. These guys still have a long time together, which is good for Rowan in particular because he's not very good.
  10. Why would anyone do such a thing
  11. ofc they are not breaking up. as said before it's to give the others a bit more of an identity, and then when they win tag team gold they have their own entrance as befitting of the champs as well
  12. idk
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  13. The Wyatts have far too much upside and value as a team at the moment.
    They are unlike The Shield in that their collective value exceeds their individual promise (particularly for Erick Rowan)
    This is a smart stable and should be booked as such.
  14. I can't imagine anyone thinking this would be a good time to break up the Wyatts.

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  15. Personally I think they'll be around for the remainder of the year at the least, although I have been wrong before (ex:Thought SHIELD was going to be done at WM)

    IMO for them to dismantle WWE would have to form a new more entertaining stable and make sure that stable could last about 6-8 months strongly.

    Side Note: I still hope they do a continuation to the Sister Abigail storyline where they reveal who she is, that little tidbit could keep the stable going a few more months on top of whatever is planned for them.
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  16. This is a status, not thread worthy at all.
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