Are they getting worse or are the others improving?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. The last two premier league seasons have been fascinating (this one and last years). Last year was all about Manchester City starting amazingly and Manchester United upping their game to one-up them for a month or so. Eventually it lead into a battle of the Manchester Clubs throughout the whole season with arguably the most entertaining finish a BPL season has ever seen. In that season, those two dominant Manchester Clubs were both knocked out in the group stages of the Champions League AND knocked out of the jobber league known as the Europa League.

    This season, both Manchester United and Manchester City have started relatively poorly. Sure they're getting results and are at the higher-end of the table and it's very likely it will be a two-horse race, but it's still quite fascinating. Why? Because there is NO dominant club. Chelsea are on top but perform pretty shitty in every game and have been quite lucky throughout the season. Arsenal had a pretty good start but their "improved defence" is now back to what it was, crappy. Liverpool are deep in the bottom half of the table and Everton have seemingly taken Newcastle's place as the overachieving club that is now linked with "the top four"

    How do you see it planning it? Are the top teams getting worse or is it the BPL getting harder and harder? It used to be hard to score against the top teams but both United, City, Arsenal and Chelsea all concede relatively easy now. My theory? Football is evolving in the BPL. The top sides are now forced to change their original style of play which was built on power into the creative short-passing beautiful game so they can actually challenge Europe. However, none of them have perfected it at all as the more powerful "root one" teams like Stoke etc. are now taking points off the big boys.

    Thought this would be a cool subject to discuss.
  2. I've paid zero attention to this season but I have a random question:

    What would the tradition PL fans think of a playoff system? Instead of just playing the season and whoever has the most points wins, what if you took the top 4 teams after the season, matched up 1/4 and 2/3, did a home/away and then had a big championship match to end the season (like American sports do) ?

    Like, love, or hate the idea? I'm assuming you would all hate it
  3. Hate it. It takes all the excitement away from the top 2 (as there's normally a leading and chasing team). If you saw the end of last season you would understand how that would be completely deleted if we had a play off system.

    I do like the idea of a play-off system for the relegated clubs though. But it would be sickening if a team dominated the whole season, came top, but then lost in the play-offs due to let's say tons of injuries or some other issue.

  4. I did follow the end of last season and understand in that case it would have drained some excitement, but it creates a lot more excitement than it drains.

    imagine a 'Super Bowl' of the premier league and how much attention that would draw nationally. everyone in England would tune in for that match

    it also helps keep more teams interested.. and it prevents situations from when you have one dominant team and nobody within 10 points of them on the table
  5. They actually tried to model the Premier League a bit after the NFL when they debuted it. IT actually drove away more people than it brought in.
  6. Sure it would create a superbowl type scenario but it would still suck imo. It's not like the top 4 is boring anyway, even if you have a dominant winner (which we rarely do anymore) you still have the race for CL spaces which are more exciting than ever. Like last year, Tottenham spent all year beating many and playing amazingly to get 4th, only for 5th place Chelsea to win the CL and steal Tottenham's spot in this years competition. Just can't write that shit. The BPL doesn't need to get any more exciting, it's the most exciting league in the world by a mile.
  7. I hope you mean soccer league and not sports league lololololol
  8. I mean sports league but that would turn this thread into something completely irrelevant so get your hijacking ass out of here.


    NFL, NBA, MLB >>>>>>

    ok I'll leave.
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