Are TNA approaching the one night specials the wrong way?

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    We've all seen the reports and discussed it in the threads. The news about the amount of talent issues that have popped up leading up to the next round of One night only specials tapings for TNA. The knockouts one being the most prominent case with multiple former knockouts declining to come back for tonight's taping. And now the international one is also in a bit of jeopardy. So what is being done wrong here?

    Is it Pritchard having not yet adapted to how TNA does things? When he worked for the WWE he had a probably much bigger team working on things like this and much more experience in getting international talent their visas compared to TNA. Is there some other backstage factor that hinders the work or is it something else entirely? Because currently with these specials who doesn't have the same prestige as the X division and tag one they seem to be putting the cart in front of the horse, announcing it without a complete set of talent for it.

    What needs to be done? how would you go about getting international and non TNA talent? Partnerships, scouts, how?
  2. Fire Prickard #1.
    Hire someone better #2.
    Things gets easier instantly #3.

    And contact the talents to see will they make it to the show before announcing the show :facepalm:

    Anyway, I'm still pumped for the spoilers over the next 3 days.
  3. Call the stars before announcing the PPV dammit! :annoyed:
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