Are we going to get a Brodus Clay and Tensai tag team now?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. :upset:

    They've teased it again on Main Event, with Tensai and Brodus Gangnam-styling to close the show, and feuding them with Prime Time Players.

    So, will this be a tag-team now? And will you be okay with them winning the tag team titles?
  2. If this team were to turn heel and dominate the tag divison then yes, I'd be all for it, but with them as faces, not at all.
  3. I'd love it as heels, they'd work.
  4. Don't want two fat asses working as a team. :upset:
  5. This could work very well. Give them a serious edge and I see no problem with this team, nor with them being jokesters out of the ring. Imagine them turning heel down the road.
  6. Stopspot delivers again... that's just what I was thinking. WWE will make them making them dancing comedy characters and that will get them over with the kiddies and annoy the adults... then, hopefully, eventually turn them heel in an epic heel turn where they destroy everything and become a couple of monster heels on a rampage holding the tag titles hostage.

    Tell me you wouldn't love it.
  7. I hope they do become and tag team. I have enjoy the last couple of shows where they have worked together. But I think they would be better monster heels than faces.
  8. Dancing Fools 2.0
  9. You scrubs are just mad that the Hip Hop Hippo lives. Oppan Tensai style :dawg:
  10. Couldn't be less excited about this possibility.
  11. I don't know if it would hurt or help Tensai at this point. Given the sad state he's been sunk too, I'm open for any change to his character if it could possibly help him out, as I think he is a great big man talent.
  12. Beats whatever they were doing before. And as Stop said, they may very well turn heel down the road, that'd be very good.
  13. I actually wouldn't hate if this happened. Could be funny.
  14. I think they'd be a force to be reckoned with if they turn heel as they'd be dominant monsters holding the tag-team titles. I don't mind them teaming up as of now as faces as it could lead to a heel turn which would make us happy. Good thinking again by the WWE if they go ahead with it.
  15. It would work better if they drop the tensai gimmic and actually make him the hip hop hippo!

    A hippo and a funkasaurus...

    Name that tag team peeps!!!
  16. Wouldn't have any problem ....
    Actually I kinda like what the WWE is doing at the moment..every single wrestler/tag should have a matter if its in smackdown,raw,nxt,main event or even superstars...
    Clay and Tensai are boring right now . they are lost. Set him in a mini feud with the PTP ...They could be like bryan and kane ...Turn on each other..And then at the end of the feud with the PTP then , Clay turns on every kid saying he's a monster and they start feuding with people like the Usos or Gabriel + someone else..
    If I ever decide to build my own WWE universe .. Im sure every single wrestle would have a storyline and not just random matches
  17. I'm alright with it.
    Brodus was getting stale, he still is and Tensai was just there.
  18. Tensai is getting wasted and humiliated...

    This guy is capable of SO MUCH MORE, and he doesn't get the credit he deserves.

    Seriously, WWE just release him already. I am tired of seeing him getting humiliated over and over again, especially after I've seen his work in Japan.
  19. I'm pretty sure he's making a lot more money now than he was in Japan. Plus he gets to see his family a lot more, you can't put a price on that.
  20. It's still not enough of excuse to get humiliated week in and week out...
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