Are we going to get Jeritrolled?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. You know, Jericho is known for saying he isn't returning then BAM...
    He's back. Well, MVP and Sheldon are both saying they know nothing of their return to the WWE. Can they just be jeritrolling us? I know there is a topic regarding their possible return but this is more about whether or not you think they will actually just show up one day and shock us all. I was never a huge fan of either but they can certainly use a few midcard wrestlers to spice things up. What do you guys think?
  2. I don't think either of them is a big enough star to "surprise" us. More likely they'll show up to a small pop, nothing like what Jericho got :smug:
  3. Not quite sure what would come of it if they came back. If Haas came back with Shelton maybe a tag team there to help the division. Not sure we need midcarders tho tbh as theres loads of youth an talent about so why not use them.
  4. I hope so. maybe mvp,shelton and the other names that are on the list will return at the royal rumble?
  5. If they are trying to boost the tag division, they can both be used in a group together or each with another current wrestler.
  6. I want them to return tbh especially MVP, a feud between him and Cesaro over the US title would be great...
  7. :hmm:

    Since MVP has been away for so long... This could be a great feud and story line. He can come back from Japan and be all "Bitch! Gimmie yo title! I'm M-V-P!" Well... Not like that but ya know. lol
  8. This thread makes no sense.
    Everything Jericho says is pretty much the opposite.
  9. Point being, they said they know nothing about a possible return, if they were to return... BAM! Trolled.
  10. So like how Brock was rumored to be at Wrestlemania 28 but he came on RAW the next night.
  11. Well... I guess kinda like that but he was already rumored to return, just showed up late. lol These guys said they know nothing about a return and are doing things else where... Like Jericho always does.
  12. yea especially that MVP has the longest US Championship reign in WWE's modern era history (after the title was revived)....
  13. Jericho returns can actually be somewhat predicted. At least the chance of one. If Jericho has an open schedule, as in no touring with Fozzy, no other TV-shows (like his new robot boxing one on Syfy) then the chances are much higher. He's said so himself. If he has long open timeslots then he tries to get some WWE in there.
  14. So pretty much...

  15. Picture is a no show.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. :haha: I seen that before.
  18. Not that every time someone denies they're returning it has to do with Jericho. Tensai also denied he signed a contract earlier this year, they can't just be like "oh yea I'm coming back expect me on Raw next week". They may have signed or not, I'd like to see it, but if they choose not to, OK.
  19. Couldn't care less for MVP, but Benjamin on the hand is an in ring artist. I would love for him to come back and I'm willing to bet he will.
  20. I HOPE SO!! I MISS HIM! :jeritroll:
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