Are we going to have yet another South Korea vs. North Korea war?

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  1. Just heard the news that North Korea ended the armistice agreement with the South. So this leads to a speculation of a possibility of yet another Korean war. What do you people think? And will the US get involved in this situation, seeing that the North threatened to attack the United States with a nuclear weapons?
  2. Of course US will get involved with the situation. We basically own South Korea. A little history lesson for those who may not know. There was a war with Korea that eventually went cold and the land that US took became South Korea. We even have troops stationed in the area, it's a highly influenced by US.

    Anyway back to the point, if Korea starts a war they would lose and there's no question about that. There only ally is China, which happens to be people we're on good terms with because of our business. China being the number one producer and US being the number one consumer, with that at hand the chances of China going against US are slim to none.

    As I'm sure you've already heard, Korean warheads can't reach US, but they can definitely reach South Korea. The problem with that is the moment they launch one they are surrounded on all sides by countries who are allied with the US in some way, because of that North Korea will not go along with war, it's just a losing battle.
  3. Doubt it. That has happened before and we didn't have a war over it.

    US would get involved if a war did happen.
  4. Kim Jong is too busy playing nba jam with Rodman.
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  6. Funny fact: I still own a SEGA Mega Drive. And still have the NBA Jam game!
  7. Xbox Arcade here I come. I actually heard when America started the annual "war games" with South Korea, that's when NK got upset. NK has a youtube account where they make videos simulating a bombing of the United States, using COD footage.... I shit you not.
  8. Me too :happy:
  9. I have a sega dreamcast emulator on my pc :obama:
  10. I HOPE THAT DON'T! United States are allies to South Korea so yes that will side with then and sopost then. When did that break the Treated!?
  11. Unless NK wanted to be removed from planet Earth they wouldn't attack anyone.
  12. I wouldn't be so sure. Many people seemingly think they know the answer to this, but have you ever taken under consideration how crazy NK are? They were warned years ago by US -- the country many of you think they fear -- that US would take action if they continued to test their nuclear bombs, and they didn't stop. They said they'd stop but they didn't, and they didn't give a crap about the consequences. The NK really is a crazy nation with a crazy government. People were FORCED to grieve for Kim Jong-il.

    They have pure disdain for South Korea, and they will do what they think is right and not give a crap about the consequences. So to answer the OP, it's possible.
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