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  1. Are we witnessing the Big Show's swan song? I have this theory that this is his last big push before his retirement, does anyone agree? Disagree? Let me know your thoughts below in the doobley dah
  2. Many thought the same about Kane in 2010, but that wasn't to be. Big Show said himself last year or so that he has plenty of years left in him. He's one of the most paid performers on the roster. I can't see him retiring.
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  3. :nope: Big Show has no reason to retire. He doesn't get injuries left & right like Mark Henry, plus he's well paid & involved in big storylines. Maybe in about 2-3 years, but I dont see it happening right now. Henry is more likely to retire this year than Show
  4. If by swan song, will he be out in the next 12 months? I doubt it.

    If by swan song, you mean his last "championship shots". I think so.

    Big Show doesn't make sense carrying titles anymore (in fact, it could be argued that he hasn't for a few years) simply because he can no longer be a candidate for "Face of the Company". This is due to his age, the character he has created, and the basic fact that there are other, younger guys who fit the bill so much better (Bryan, Punk, Orton, Rhodes, Sandow). But, I do think he'll be around for a few more years, just not as active in the ring. He's more into the "cutting back on matches to prolong his career" stage of his career.

  5. Yep, i'm betting he is WWE's Shaq by next may/june. He did a decent job on commentary when i saw pre-shows and I would like to keep seeing him. Dude's that size don't live like HHH, and WWE is moving to a different kind of monsters as far as i can tell.
  6. I seriously doubt it. He just makes the most sense to use in his current role against the Authority. They also gave him a World Heavyweight Championship reign that lasted from October of last year to January of this year (he was originally supposed to walk into Wrestlemania with it even, but he had to drop it before then due to a contractual issue), but that wasn't a sign that he was being given one last championship reign just because he was retiring soon as he is still here.

    I personally enjoy the Big Show as long as they're utilizing him correctly (as they did with his heel run as WHC last year, and as they're doing with him right now as a babyface.)
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  7. Well if this is indeed his last run before he retires, the E needs to give him the title. He wins it, then retires right there after the match. C'mon Vinnie Mac and Trips, do what's best business. :nogusta::pity2:
  8. It went through my mind with reports of him being hurt, but I don't know, I wouldn't guess so. It really feels like it when you look at just this storyline, but I don't know. It doesn't feel like he's about to leave. I'd be OK with him sticking around for a few years working with some young guys, putting them over.
  9. It's also worth pointing out that Big Show is rumored to face Ryback at either Elimination Chamber or Wrestlemania. The idea is that if Goldberg returns to face Ryback at Wrestlemania, then Ryback will go over Big Show at EC as a way of setting up the match. But if he doesn't return, then Ryback/Show will happen at Mania instead (Ryback/Show should have happened this year IMO.)

    If these rumors are true, and it's easy for me to believe that they are, then Big Show (as expected) will be back in the midcard in no time (meaning he's not hanging up the boots just yet.) This is pretty much just the standard way it always goes for Big Show - he gets into the main event scene very briefly, but then he drops right back down into the undercard afterwards, even if he wins a world title for a short amount of time beforehand. Happened in 2000, in 2003, happened earlier this year, too. It'll happen here again as soon as he wrestles HHH and the Authority storyline ends.
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  10. Exactly KL. Big Show is a special attraction. He's there to fill whatever role is needed of him, and to pop the crowd with his sheer size the way Andre did. That's not to say that Big Show can't work, or that Andre couldn't work. They can, but their overness isn't dependent on wins or losses or titles. it's a safe bet to book them because WWE knows they will draw fans to the arena who just want to see these guys in person.

    I've seen Big Show several times, and I can tell you that he's fucking impressive to see. Dude... is... BIG. lol
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