Are WWE Action Figures like an Investment?

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  1. I don't know if got my term of investment correct but y'know buy an action figure sell it some time down the road make more than you bought it for.

    I keep looking at the Wolfpac Sting figure coming and I wonder "Would that go up in cost in like 20 years?" I'm not an expert but I was just wondering if these things were worth it if I kept them mint in box and put some in storage for a bunch of years.
  2. Toys back then weren't made in such a high volume as they are today. So today's toys will not go up nearly as much as toys from the 70's, 80's and early 90's.
    If you make 10,000 action figures, their value will sky rocket because of the rarity of finding one in good to mint condition.
    If you make 10,000,000 action figures, their value wont go up that much because there is a higher chance of multiple people having them in good condition.
    Make sense?

    If you want to collect anything, only go for limited edition or limited quantity items.
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  3. This should really be in The Locker Room..

    But, to answer your question. Yes, action figures have the potential to gain value over time based on condition, age, brand name and rarity (Normal version, Deluxe version, Limited numbered version.. etc etc).

    It is best to never open it.. MoC (Mint on Card)/Unopened versions definitely have much more value, but loose action figures can gain value as well based on rarity and if you have kept all original accessories.
  4. it is pertaining to WWE merch so it is fine here.

    I'll edit the title to make it more suiting for the section.
  5. Okay, boss lady =P I didn't see WWE in the title and only glanced through the OP. =)
  6. It wasn't I added it. lol He is speaking of WWE action figures in the post though.
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  7. As long as you keep them in the box or general in mint condition, yes. Eventually they stop being made or are just in limited quantity altogether and become rare items. Supply and Demand ftfw.
  8. Yeah, like others said, you have to keep the toys in their boxes plus you have to take care of the boxes as well. Things as simple as a scratch on the cardboard or plastic covering... hell, even imperfections in the tape can quickly devalue collectors toys.

    But even if you keep the box in completely perfect shape, it's still a shot in the dark as to whether it will ever be worth anything. There are so many deciding factors. The amount of mint items that exist, the interest in the item and the ease of getting them. Unfortunately, for collectors looking to have their possessions skyrocket in value, you have more and more people saving their toys, which of course makes them less rare. So while your toy might be valuable in 20 years, I would say the odds are more likely that it won't be... but you won't know for sure until 20 years from now.

    On a separate note, can I just say how much saving toys in the packages just irritates me to no end? It's become such an obsession now. For my birthday, my brother bought me a Junkyard Dog action figure and gasped when I immediately opened it up and displayed it on a shelf. Honestly, the toys are meant to be enjoyed and I personally think the enjoyment you get is worth more than the very slight possibility that it might go up a few dollars decades down the line. (this isn't a criticism or you, Meme Boy, or anyone else, so please don't look at it that way... just my own thoughts about the practice).
  9. It's not just about keeping them in boxes and caring for them. It's down to the obscurity, rarity and availability of the toy. Buying the next Bray Wyatt action figure and keeping it will not bring big bucks, down the line. If anything, the price might be bumped a few dollars, but nothing special. A safe bet is to buy a valuable toy from a collector, or to spend an extra sum on a collectors/special edition toy. As it's unknown whether any current generation action figures would attain a good amount of valuability. This is likely because the sheer amount of them that get circulated.

    Toys in the 80s are usually up to a high price because WWF would release rather small lines in slow succession. But nowadays, WWE releases new lines in rapid succession and they are bought up quickly. But special edition and collectors edition are rather untouched when compared to the amount that are bought off the shelves. But you'd be lucky to get anything more than $10 off those either. People have smartened up to the whole system of rarity and trading, and much more people have begun collecting. The more rare toys that are brought, the longer and lower their potential rate will take and be at.

    Safe bet, don't invest in toys as that's extremely unpredictable. Unlike other investments, toys are given value decades down the line, rather than the value, knowingly, increasing.
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  10. Agreed. Because although you MIGHT get lucky with a new toy gaining value down the line, it's much more likely that you won't.
  11. Mate if you're looking to invest money please don't buy WWE toys. Seriously, find something else to invest in.
  12. He's asking a question.
  13. Nerds will spend a lot of money on stupid shit.
  14. Generally no BUT.

    Some of the WWF ones are.
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