Are WWE slowly moving to the right direction?

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  1. A couple of months ago RAW had zero angles apart from the "I want title so I hate you" angles. We were all screaming for something actually interesting to happen to draw us into RAW, right? Well now we have a invasion-type angle that so far has been great and consists of talented talent, and a not-so-good (to some) "affair" type angle, which has resulted in one of our internet favourites Dolph Ziggler feuding with WWE's top guy.

    Also, there was a very edgy angle involving Jerry's heart attack and CM Punk/Heyman, which was loved by some and hated by others - something they would have never pulled off were Linda successful in her political campaign - which has lead some to believe that WWE are moving towards a better product, or are at least taking advantage of the extra freedom they have once again.

    What do you think? It still has a LOT to improve on, but it's been better recently? Discuss.
  2. I never really got too low on the WWE. It's hard to keep momentum for the whole year and it almost always picks up this time of year.
  3. Nah, normally it picks up in the summer, then deteriorates and then picks up again on "RTWM" (road to Wrestlemania).
  4. I like the edgier style of stuff they've been doing lately. This is the summer storyline, except it's in Fall.
  5. It did pick up this summer.... Brock lol So again I never got too low on the WWE
  6. Well, I didn't see Brock vs HHH as a fantastic summer angle when Brock's part time and feuding with someone who shouldn't have any spotlight, but that's for another topic.
  7. Ahh Agree to disagree, I was amped for some brock and loved how shawn got his a whooped and essentially the bad guy won. Heyman killed promos and they even brought back steph to beat him up.
  8. Yeah we basically got no Summer story this year. Instead we got the fall of Punk and the Invasion
  9. I think it suffered a little when RAW went three hours but its picked back up an they seem more aware now of the amount of content required to fill the time. Plus NXT is awesome and ME is good for a quick fix so I think things are good right now.
  10. I dunno guys. The 1000 episode was held in july and that was an amazing show IMO. DB and Kane had been feuding or w/e before about Aj and they turn into a tag team after. I seen that as a huge plus for the WWE bringing the tag team division back. That was A HUGE story line for me. J/s
  11. The tag-team division revamp comes under the "Are WWE slowly moving to the right direction?" question. RAW 1000 was great, but the RAW's after - in many people's opinion - have been unbearable at times.
  12. Yes it does? How is that not in the right direction making titles relevant?
  13. I said it does lol.

    I said it comes under the title question. You're arguing that RAW hasn't been bad and used the tag-team division revamp as a reason for that, but that comes under WWE RECENTLY making WWE better slowly but surely.
  14. Yup, i just misunderstood you and thought it was a question lmfao. My bad, either way, yes i've noticed a better WWE progressing. The last PPV and two Raws have been edgy as well which is awesome. They are doing right by me
  15. I think also a part of what killed the summer was that RAW was trying to figure out how to work a 3 hour show on a weekly basis.
  16. Yeah that part took awhile to figure out. It still has some moments when i'm wondering why i'm watching this but overall much better.
  17. The show just has a general feel of pessimism about it, never seen the IWC this angry about wrestling. But you're right, when you sit back and look at the product... Punk's a boss, we finally have a new main eventer in Ryback, a fresh character in face Miz, a tag division revamp, a pretty good storyline for the Divas, a big storyline getting us wanting to watch every week, an affair angle if you're into that kind of stuff, more emphasis on smaller guys... There's plenty of great stuff going on, but not enough to adequately fill a PPV card and especially not a 3 hour Raw every week.
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  18. Add to the fact that the IWC is an aggressive beast constantly looking for something to complain about so as to justify it's existence and the fact that it in general lacks patience and wants everything "NOW!" and you also see that some of the hate it spews is unjustified. Not all of it but some.
  19. I believe you're confusing optimism with 'a' direction

    WWE, since the attitude era ended has alternated between 'a' direction and no direction at all

    At its core (aside from the AE), believes in the 'jerk-heel with the babyface overcoming in the end' direction.... its beyond ancient

    This 'invasion' will end the same way, just like the Nexus did and Evolution did and the WCW invasion before all that.
  20. Ruthless Aggression Era > Attitude Era
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