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  1. The CEO of the FIRST MMA league in INDIA ---- SFL has recently said that- " WWE is fake, just fake . The superstars of WWE can't even run properly it's funny to see them perform to scripted matches like show puppets. Actually, they are nothing but show puppets." ---------This was a quote from a leading newspaper daily TOI OF INDIA. So as a wwe fan I really don't know what to say about this . I mean how could he just call us 'SHOW PUPPETS'. What do you think about it guys
  2. Yeah but at least it's enjoying to see rather then two men just humping each other when they get tired of trading blows.
  3. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, even if they don't know what the fuck they are talking about.
  4. how many indian ufc fighters are there? anyways
    some of them are just puppets unfortunately but can you seriously tell me that CM Punks infamous shoot 12 months ago was mere puppetry? i think not
  5. Am I supposed to give a fuck about what an ignorant Indian MMA promoter things about wrestling? I have heard enough ignoramuses from underdeveloped countries talking crap about PW when they know nothing about it. :finger:
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  6. allowed improv is what i would call it.
  7. He's a prick :yay:
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