Are you a fan of Cesaro or not?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Cesaro currently is either loved or hated. He's loved by some because he is a "tremendous wrestler" and inside the ring he's "fantastic to watch". He's hated by some because he's "boring", "bland" and can't speak on the mic. Do you know who this reminds me of? Alberto Del Rio, he was either loved or hated in the IWC, and it seems like Cesaro is the same.

    So what side of the fence are you on? Or are you one of the anomalies where you're pretty much on the fence? Give reasons too.
  2. I love Claudio.
  3. I'd say I'm on the fence. I enjoy his matches a lot but I agree when it's said that his mic skills and gimmick need work. But overall I enjoy seeing him.
  4. Fantastic in the ring. Awful Gimmick.
  5. Immense fan of Cesaro. He is a fantastic in ring worker and just needs to start finding his gimmick I think as well as get a feud going. He seems to be getting more comfortable lately in his gimmick since I think his mic work has improved slightly lately. He seems to have a better flow to them than earlier.
  6. He should be a swiss banker.
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  7. Big fan of Cesaro
  8. I love how everyone but me and Leo doesn't follow the rules in this thread. Such online rebels the whole lot of you.
  9. Good shout, or a Chocolate maker?
  10. Willy Wonka is a wrestler?
  11. Can't stand Antonio :tough:
  12. Me neither, Lackin!
  13. Cesaro > Rybotch
  14. In short yes, i am a fan of Cesaro
  15. Not a fan of the character whatsoever but the talent's obviously there.
  16. hes got potential just needs be a bit more exciting
  17. I will tell you my answer in 5 different languages.

    In German - Ich bin
    In French - Je suis
    In Portuguese - Eu sou
    In Spanish - Yo soy
    In English - I am
  18. He's enjoyable. Needs to be better used though.
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