Are you an Energy Drink fan?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. Well fucking Guuuuuu. Check this out

    This dude drank his energy drink before seeing the mouse's tail and shit. I know this happens at a lot of facilities but damn would that be gross as hell.
  2. That is really gross! I liked energy drink of monster alot, hmmm....
  3. I dont drink the shit and im going to be shaking my cans around/pouring them into glasses for a minute.

    When i was in middle school this kid had a spider in his grape that was just about the same size as the grape itself, fucking grossest thing ive seen, and i still check my grapes to this day. I know this isnt a high % chance of happening and really just shows how animals can get into anything, but i'm glad i dont mess around with the energy drinks. At least if i found a mouse in my booze bottle, i'd see it (hopefully) or the alcohol would have killed the shit i need to worry about.
  4. I'll drink the Monster Rehab, but only when necessary.
    This thread reminds me of the movie Strange Brew.
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  5. I've never had something in of by my food what was gross. Or the food himself look's gross :emoji_slight_smile: Never a Spider or Rat etc. Sometimes flies but they were so small as a peace of salt !
  6. Looks like they tried adding protein to the energy drink
  7. Saw this last year. I still drink monster daily. He sued them for $10m if I remember rightly.
  8. I drink those size cans so often I'd probably spot the difference in weight.
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  9. I was going to say.. sure it'd be gross, but I'm sure it was well worth it. I would eat a rats asshole for 10 mill
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  10. I don't really drink energy drinks, and don't ever think I will after seeing that video. GAH. Energy drinks are bad for you anyways, so that there is good enough reason for me not to.
  11. everything is bad for you
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  12. You're bad for me
  13. Dolph's is bad for you in a good way, like cake.
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  15. no wonder Xanth likes me so much
  16. I don't eat cake
  17. do you smoke pole?
  18. sure, your pole if you'd like.
  19. I like blue red bull, other than that I never drink any.
  20. Every couple of months I either have a Monster Assault or an Orange Rockstar. Hopefully next time I'll find an animal,rodent,or, arachnid in it so I could sue for millions.
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