Are you down with a mixed tag-team match?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. I keep seeing hints that WWE are going to execute Ziggler/Kaitlyn vs AJ/Langston. Anyone else think they'll do this, and if so, what's your opinion on it?
  2. I was thinking about this the other day.

    Since Ziggler is kinda focusing on getting AJ pissed over the past few weeks, I can see him making a relationship with Kaitlyn to piss her off more, making Big E & AJ vs. Dolph & Kaitlyn.
  3. Just realised that Kaitlyn was named #1 contender right? I skipped through some of the show so I'm unsure, but if so, then this thread is pointless. Not sure if AJ/Kaitlyn has already been announced for SS, but I hope so. The last thing Dolph needs is a freaking mixed tag-team match.
  4. I think it'll probably happen but I wouldn't be ok with it. If it were to happen it would prolongue the AJ and Kaitlyn feud which would suck imo,I'm sick of them two feuding. They should have one last singles match for the title to end their feud while Ziggler and Langston do their thing.
  5. *SD Spoilers***

    Don't continue reading don't... Kaitlyn loses at SD! So the isnt another shot I believe they will go for the mixed match
  6. I don't care, just get the shitty fued out the way then let Dolph do something proper next PPV.

  7. [​IMG]

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  9. I don't know what to say...
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  10. Tag team-match?

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  11. I wouldn't mind seeing a mixed tag-team match, but keep that for the night after SummerSlam.
  12. I really don't want to see that. Kinda seems like something they'd put on the go home show to fill time.
  13. Would much rather see Ziggler/Langston and AJ/Katilyn in separate matches, but whatever.

    I mentioned this in a thread a couple of weeks back and I'm probably not the only one entertaining the thought, but I have a feeling Langston is going baby face after this is over. He already seemed annoyed with AJ backstage and now he's pissed as well for how she ruined his match with Ziggler on Raw by interfering. I'm sure he and AJ will lose and she'll blame it on him (and probably smack him) and that will be the end of their duo as well. He'll leave her crying and yelling all alone in the middle of the ring the next night on Raw and then there'll be no one at her side anymore, neither a boyfriend nor a bodyguard.
  14. shhh.
  15. It doesn't matter if you're black or white, woman or female, tall or small, AJ will ruin your match :yay:
  16. Naw, Layla turned heel. Expecting Kaitlyn and some broad vs aj and layla, or basically just layla and Kaitlyn.
  17. I can see it, but I don't want to see it, but I'd rather see this than AJ/Kaitlyn 1000
  18. It does seem like they're looking to turn Big E face by him also leaving AJ after she costs him a load of matches and stuff. Which will probably lead to lots of focus on TV time on AJ as she'll be alone and stuff and it'll be her new storyline, let's see where that ends up.
  19. Kaitlyn teaming with DZ? Don't really see it. I don't really like Kaitlyn and what I would say in this moment would be "that wouldn't be a mixed tag team match, Kaitlyn is a man" but I'm tired of saying the same thing so I'll just say I don't like the idea.
  20. I'm all for it. Big E's character isn't defined right now (why is he there? Seriously. I thought he was a hired hand by Ziggler, or were they just friends, and now is he the guy following AJ around to score with her or something? I don't know.) so the only way to pay off the AJ angle is for Dolph to handle AJ himself. But they need to do more to establish DZ and Kaitlyn, having Kaitlyn be hired help to deal with AJ or something just so Dolph's doing something to actually spite AJ. Then he can move the eff on and get back in the title picture.
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