Are you enjoying Booker T as GM?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. Simple, yes or no, explain why.
  2. In the times that I bother tuning into Smackdown at all, he's neither great nor bad, he's just there. I really don't care who the GM of Raw or Smackdown are, honestly. Unless they're involved in an important angle with a wrestler, their job is just to make the matches and yell at a heel whenever he does something vile and whatnot. Otherwise, who cares.

    I'm all for the abolishment of general managers, to be honest.
  3. This.

    After this chain of Vince/Triple H/Johnny Ace/Teddy Long/She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named/Vickie G, there's been way too much effort behind the GM position, and the storylines around it have usually been a complete clustermess. Will be thrilled to see it go.
  4. I nothing him...He's just there and doesn't add anything at all.
  5. Im sick of every smackldown being the same,
    Start of show, a few faces and a few heels come out to shout at each other, out comes booker, makes a 'suprise' tag match yawnnnnn
  6. He does his thing and he does them quite well imo..

    I enjoy him coming out sometimes till as ''one of the guys''..

    So a yes from me.
  7. Yeah, what KL said, he's just there, he does his thing well, but it's not that entertaining or anything. It's just that I remember the days he was on commentary... I wish King would get out since he just doesn't care enough to be entertaining, so JBL would be on Raw and Booker on SD. That'd be awesome.
  8. Don't care like everyone else but I miss his PPV commentary
  9. JBL/Booker interaction on commentary absolutely needs to happen. Would be hilarious.
  10. Some sort of authority figure is needed within the WWE. By authority figure, I mean, someone to make the matches. NO, I don't like booker T as GM and I thought commentary was funny with him. Now that JBL is there though, i'm not sure what Booker T is even good for.
  11. He's the same as Teddy Long and he doesn't have that GM feel, just like he didn't have that commentary feel. The best thing for Booker to do right now IMO is to be a manager for a superstar. Seeing him in the GM role is so unfitting because now the last thing I'm going to remember Booker by is this crappy run and not the amazing athlete he was.
  12. Yes I like him as GM. He can be predictable at times but he still makes some good matches. Personally I think he was better as a part of the commentary than as a GM...he has a lot of charisma that works perfectly.
  13. Hmm... I expected flair to be the GM of both shows...
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