Are you enjoying the AJ Lee storyline?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. The Punk/Bryan mic exchanges and build to their match with Kane not withstanding, how much are you enjoying the AJ Lee part of the build to CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane?
  2. A few weeks ago you'll remember me raging. Now I think it's awesome. It's made it unpredictable, she came out in a Punk t-shirt calling him the coolest guy she's ever met, admitted she still loves Bryan and snogged Kane for a long period in the middle of the ring in a middle of a match. That equals swerve-worthy stuff available at NWO.
  3. I dig crazy bitches
  4. I'm not enjoying it. There's really no build and all they built this match to was to what AJ will do.
  5. Nothing about this feud has entertained me in the slightest besides D-Bry. Any time he isn't annoying the piss out of me with :yes: he is very good.
  6. Dolph was right. I remember him saying that the whole yes thing would end very quickly unlike the what chants.
  7. The AJ character is entertaining, but it feels like this should be part of a story instead of the whole thing. AJ's a little ho who really wants some of Punk, Kane, and even Matthews... and that isn't really affecting any character going into the title match.

    To Crayo's point, the match was already unpredictable due to the glorified tie at OTL, plus Kane's involvement adds a new wrinkle and keeps the OTL rematch fresh for Summerslam. It doesn't need it, but it needs build.

    While I shouldn't be complaining, it's better than your basic "OOH You Have Title! Me Want Title!" crap, but it's really just... there. Idk. Maybe they left a few points out. And if AJ gets involved at the NWO match it'll be really silly, although again it would something different besides your boring ass cheating heel/super finisher finish. Really torn on this one.
  8. I'm kinda enjoying the whole thing honestly, even Kane's involvement.
  9. Yeah I'm just happy Kane's not rotting again.
  10. They should have chosen somebody besides Kane, however I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
  11. It's great. AJ is cute as hell too so that helps lol
  12. I love it. I think its very entertaining :mj:
  13. Then he was wrong, because the yes chants are only getting louder and more viral...

    I've never heard any WWE chants make it to NBA games and such.
  14. I don't remember saying that, but they are dying out at WWE events. The last couple of crowds before last night he tried to start them with mic segments but was getting No's in return (which is fine, he is a heel). Last night was a smark heavy crowd, so we got some yesses.

    The NBA game thing was a stupid rumor lmao, show me the tape of this happening, please.

    I've heard them a couple of times at TNA/ROH events, but in the WWE they haven't been nearly as loud or prevalent since the first couple of weeks after Mania
  15. Aj Lee is just so got damn sexy i love this place wwe put her in :yay::win::haha::annoyed::yes:
  16. [​IMG]

    Google it, hundreds of pages confirm it Dolph's.

    Also, they haven't fizzled out. Before last night WWE has had a run of those typical Cena crowds, the crowds that don't pop for anyone else but their homie Cena. In normal cities and smark cities DB regularly receives loud YES chants.
  17. If those chants happened it was a result of a handful of Mania smarks making their way to a Heat game.I still think it's odd a video never surfaced of it.

    and 'loud' must be a subjective thing. I hadn't heard loud yes chants in quite a while before last night at a WWE event
  18. Source: Wiki

    "This chant grew in popularity, particularly due to the backlash of fans voicing their discontent at how short Bryan's WrestleMania XXVIII match was,[170] and has been even heard outside WWE events, at Major League Baseball, National Hockey League and National Basketball Association games,[170][169][171] and even at music concerts.[172]"

    Can't just blame one set of smarks bro. Just admit it's a trend already.
  19. Yes, I love this psycho girl.
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