WrestleMania Are you excited about Punk/Rock 2?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roi, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. So .. We are gonna have rock vs punk 2 at EC , what do you guys think about it ? I personally think its gonna suck . It's gonna be just like RR , we all know punk is not regaining the title .
    The only excitement it's gonna be the interference , I think Brock/shield/Maddox /cena is gonna interfere , setting a triple treath match at WM. hope rock gets fit for the match .I wouldn't stand another slow match.
  2. Not looking forward to it. Thought they'd be smart to put Rock in the Chamber entering last so others could do the work, and if they don't want to risk him being injured avoid making him take big bumps, easy. I just hope it's a lot shorter than the first one. And that if some interference happens, it makes sense and leads to a good WM match.
  3. Yeah I first thought there was gonna be a chamber , so rock could come in the last one and just hit a rock bottom and get the win , however they have said that there's gonna be another single match for the WWE title
  4. Yes, I'm aware. And it'll be just as bad as the RR one, I believe.
  5. I am. It means lots more exciting build. The build last time was great, and I really don't care about match quality personally. Last match was definitely watchable (for me anyway) so I'm definitely looking forward to a second regardless of who's winning.
  6. Not so much the match, but the build I'm pumped for. We've been wanting to see Punk in "chasing the title" mode for a while, so enjoy it while it lasts.
  7. Me too. The Rock is far from fantastic in the ring these days, but he's far from unwatchable, either. And a Punk match is always worth getting excited for.
  8. I think CM Punk is gonna win because The Rock if wins is gonna go to WM29 and face John Cena and WWE would lie to us last year saying it was Once in a Lifetime... I think Punk in this days is leaving Paul Heyman and will be a great match without lies and all that shit so I hope that happen, I want a really enjoyable match so there's not gonna be in the chamber
  9. I highly doubt WWE would give Rock a one month reign. It sort of makes him look pathetic and weak. Furthermore, I don't think WWE cares about the "once in a lifetime" selling direction from last year. It won't be the first time WWE has lied to us and it won't be the last.

    I'm guessing CM Punk will lose and it will either set up a triple-threat at Wrestlemania, or we will see something surprising which sets up CM Punk's Wrestlemania direction.
  10. Oh you didn't know Cena vs Rock 2 at WM has been planned for months now :pity:
  11. Exactly from the raw after WM LOL
  12. I'm not excited for the match since I can already predict the outcome. I know The Rock will win so he can face Cena again at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship. Personally I just want CM Punk to focus on a different title shot now and a different storyline to move on past this.
  13. I'm excited to see if the Rock can win back some of the hate that he got from his last match. I think it'll be a good one now that they have a match under their belt on live TV.
  14. I always hate the February PPV since it's just filler in between Rumble and WM. I wish it would just get here already to get it out of the way.

    There is no real doubt as to who he is winning this one and their last match was good but not great and thus doesn't have me looking to another one. Only one more Raw (since Rock is missing the one tomorrow night) to see a Punk/Rock promo battle, it's the only thing I'm looking forward to. I'm personally just waiting for the Wrestlemania build to start.
  15. Same. It should be scrapped in my opinion. They should scrap it and use all the time remaining to build to their biggest PPV of the year. Every year becomes more and more predictable as it's too close to Wrestlemania to have any major changes.
  16. I could agree with that, but then they'd have to move the EC ppv somewhere, because that match is pretty tight imo.
  17. Scrap "Over the Limit" or any other stupid PPV they air and replace it with EC. The elimination chamber PPV is one of the few gimmick PPV's I no longer have an issue with.
  18. Yup, that makes sense to me. A longer build up to Mania, like you said, would create even more inticipation than it already has.
  19. They could also scrap the Hell in a cell ppv(one of the few thing almost all the IWC agrees one) The EC is a stipulation match that you can build to. The EC match can mean something or lead to something (number one contendership, a title etc) whilst HIAC should be the blowoff match for a big feud.

    In my opinion, scrap HIAC and replace OTL with EC and make it the big "steel structure" event of the year.
  20. Yeah the HIAC PPV is disgusting.
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