Are you expecting a Bryan face-turn after this night?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Apr 3, 2012.

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    This was after the show went off-air.

    So are you guys expecting a face-turn from Daniel Bryan I mean look at that, all through the night people are chanting his name and his catchphrase, same thing with Wrestlemania.

    I know it's only in Miami and all but seriously this could really spread all over the place and all he has to do is just turn face, I mean who really knows? Maybe they'll chant his name every week no matter what city it is, hopefully we'll get to see that come Friday Night Smackdown.
  2. I'm looking forward to it idk if it will hapen but the crowd was so epic last night
  3. Problem with Smackdown is that it's pre-recorded and the WWE is known to edit the crowd sounds on it to help faces get over and Heels to get heat. But if the crowd has the same physical energy for Bryan on friday there is no way in hell WWE can edit that out.
  4. Agreed stopspot
  5. God no, please no.

    It was a smark crowd, he won't get that in the really shit cities.
  6. I'm not sure if they're cheering because they like Bryan or because they hated the booking of the match. Could be a mix of the two but people are blowing this way out of proportion anyway, so he was the most over man for a night. As Crayo said it's just a smark town anyone remember his pop at MITB?
  7. It was only two weeks ago when he was getting the loudest boo's in the company. It'd be a TNA style heel turn if it did occur, IE, pointless.

    The "YES" chant could be huge though, and it could be a key factor in the eventual point when the crowd inevitably will warm up to him and become fans. If the t-shirt is right, I predict it being as popular as Nexus shirts were. If you remember, Nexus were boo'd the loudest but there were many people wearing their shirt.
  8. I'm just predicting that there might be a face-turn anytime soon.
  9. It was just the perfect storm.

    1 thing people are forgetting is that people were in Miami from all over the country who flew in for Wrestlemania (mostly smarks).

    And yes, it was WWE's booking of the WHC match that caused this shit storm, but hell, maybe that was WWE's plan? I really doubt it, but if it was, hats off to them.
  10. YES YES YES! > WHY?
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