Are you glad CM Punk got injured?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Don't take this the wrong way, but when you think about it, if he hadn't, we wouldn't be able to see that awesome 3 on 3 TLC match that we saw on the TLC PPV.

    In my opinion, I'm not glad that Punk got injured, I don't wish upon injury to anyone, but I like the way it kinda lead up to. I could tell that Team Hell NO! and Ryback Vs. The Shield would have been better than CM Punk Vs. Ryback, no questions asked and at the end it was an amazing match. Plus The Shield got to shine and get a huge victory.

  2. No. He's still cutting redundant and played out promos.
  3. Though you do make a good point :obama:
  4. Technically talking about the TLC PPV. :lol2:
  5. Reported this post for so many things.
  6. It worked out well for the TLC PPV for sure. Having Punk/Ryback three times in a row would've been too much. He gets to keep his streak alive to face the Rock, and we got to see the awesome 3 on 3 match. Hopefully Punk will be well rested for the most important time of the WWE year, that way, everyone wins.
  7. In regards that match at TLC in a way it's led to a nice match for us so that is a bonus. Also means he's gonna be rested for the RTWM so in a way YES.
  8. I agree with you. If he wasn't injured, we would've had a TLC match which Ryback would probably dominate, although it wouldn't be as bad as the HIAC match, but still wouldn't get close to the 6-man TLC as far as match quality goes. We'd be forced to see another dirty finish, probably with the Shield interfering or maybe even Kevin Nash, since they were out of finishes I think. Possibly even Big E Langston was supposed to debut? I don't know. Punk would've looked weak against Ryback, who would have lost three PPV matches on a row (lost the 6-man but wasn't pinned, doesn't "count" so to speak) and we'd have the same finish, once again, three times on a row.

    But what did we get from his injury? A great match which made sense storyline-wise, and was virtually perfect. Everyone looked great, sick spots, ah, just awesome.
  9. Not really. I haven't seen the match yet, but how much did Ryback contribute to it? Because even if Punk/Ryback happened, we still could have (and would have) gotten a six man tag match, only with someone in Ryback's place. It still would have been an outstanding match, and we would have gotten Punk/Ryback on top of it. I think it would have still been slightly better if Punk wrestled, because we'll be getting Punk/Ryback in January anyway.
  10. A lot actually. Several of my favorite moments in the match wouldn't have happened because those moments did hinge on Ryback's character. I loved hearing the crowd switch from chanting "Goldberg" to Ryback chants as the match progressed forward. Plus, there is much more of a build with Ryback than with anyone else, so from a narrative perspective Ryback's involvement is a lot more satisfying than somebody else (which granted doesn't effect me much since I haven't been watching but the point still stands).

    I have little doubt the match still would've been great (though who'd they add in? Orton? I think he's injured though) but I kind of doubt it would've been as good. Granted I'm a fan of Ryback so of course I'm going to argue that his involvement in the match was for the best. The fact that we still are getting the Punk/Ryback match in January that we would've gotten at TLC (well, more or less) is another reason why his injury might've been for the best, since we didn't actually miss out on a match. I'm still not in favor of that match in January though, as it conflicts heavily with the direction I want WWE to take this upcoming Road To Wrestlemania but I've already accepted my ideas aren't happening.

    In short, I definitely do agree the sentiment that Punk's injury worked out for the best. It definitely doesn't hurt that from what I understand the injury wasn't all too serious and they basically kept him from wrestling out of fear of making it worse meaning Punk is getting bonus time to heal.
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  11. Yeah the injury was pretty good for the PPV. I'm not sure how much better that match could have been with just Punk and Ryback because the one at HIAC was lackluster. Plus we got our first glimpse of how the shield can do in matches, but to be honest it was straight up brawling, although entertaining. Aside from the main event, I'm sure if Punk hadn't gotten injured we would have seen a redundant tag match between Team Hell No & Rhodes Scholars, so glad that didn't happen.

    Punk's promo at TLC was a bit different from his usual ones, not as stale.
  12. So true.
    Now on the positive side, we get to see another TLC match on RAW. But probably won`t be so great because of commercials.
  13. CM Punk is my fav and I hate to see him out with an injury I hope he gets back in the ring soon
  14. Well i remember the time Punk was at slammy awards and he had a shot at Ric Flair .That was so funny :jeritroll:
  15. I would prefer that CM Punk breaks his jaw and couldn't talk for a while.
  16. So you want me to thank CM Punk? :dafuq:


    Kinda glad he did, it was a great match.
  17. Yes, Punk is boring.
  18. In retrospect, i'm happy he was injured for the PPV, because what the WWE had been lacking was epic matches as of late. If you asked me before hand if I was glad, I'd have given you a resounding HELL NO! (SCSA STYLE) But what I personally enjoy most is a great match over the stories, and although it was pieced together, it ended in a match that was one of my favorites in the past few years :SMUG:
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