Are you happy with Ace vs Cena?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Let's be honest, there's plenty of Ace marks on here but how happy are you that the ME of OTL is Ace vs Cena with Lord Boring as enforcer pretty much, when a couple weeks ago we had Brock Lesnar vs John Cena? Have WWE completely dropped the ball and once again ran out of ideas?

    It's quite obvious Brock will make his return in a month or so time when people "presumed he was fired" and will most likely feud with HHH. Out of 10, how much does that piss you off? It's a solid 10 for me. Even if Cena was winning, at least he can sell Brock's presence. We know HHH can't make anyone look good any more, it's just about him.

  2. I haven't seen one person who is happy with it.

    WWE with this idea:

  3. Man that is hilarious. :yay:

    Argh, times like this make me really resent WWE. I'm 100% sure us lot on this forum could run RAW better.
  4. I'm not happy for it but not terribly disappointed either, just indifferent to it. A match like that or Punk/Laurantis was bound to happen at some point. Really, I've come to expect booking like this. I wanted to see a rematch between Brock and Cena, though.
  5. mcmahon vs hogan at wm 19 was huge but this ace vs cena-- match at OTL is disgusting as a main event
  6. It's obviously going to have a twist however John Cena's going to win.
  7. I'm not really happy with it... besides, it'll probably look like the match is Cena vs Tensai when we're seeing it.
  8. Ace wins, everybody is happy, including me, it don't matter whether match sucked balls or not. :otunga:
  9. Ace defeating the face of the company? :urm:
  10. The only good outcome would be Brock interfering, destroying Cena, destroying Ace and destroying Tensai.
  11. Did I stutter? :steiner:
  12. Do I look happy? :ace:
  13. I don't think they'd just chuck Ace in there to lose.
  14. I would mark out harder than I did for Brock's return if Johnny wins with an Ace Crusher :ronaldo:
  16. I have a feeling Lord Tensai might have a gimmick change from this and it's still kind of crappy but we just have to see what else is going to happen.
  17. :lol1: :obama:
    Tbh, you're becoming a huge boss around here. Let me personally (as the The List executive) put you on The List itself. We have a major party tonite, so be welcome to come.:obama:

    Yes, they would.:burns:

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  18. Baws. I'll bring the brandy :otunga:
  19. Randy Savage 110% agrees with you Dolph's

    Is this better than being part of the 300 likes club?
  20. I think Dolph just committed suicide.
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