Are you happy with the "pay off" we're most likely getting with Bryan and HHH?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 25, 2014.

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  1. It looks set that he's going to face HHH at Wrestlemania, but what I witnessed last night when that challenge was set was like an underwhelming feeling. It looks like I'm not alone when I say I don't want Bryan to face HHH and that I genuinely see it as a step down. I know it seems nuts to think that someone like Bryan who came from nothing will now face one of the best on the biggest stage is a step down, but I genuinely believe it is. I don't want to post yet another rant on why Bryan should be in the main event, but I'm curious to see if any Bryan fans out there are satisfied with this booking?

    Also, if HHH goes over Bryan at WM, how will you react?
  2. Don't care if he faces him, as long as he goes over. It's a step down from being in the title picture and winning it at Mania obviously but the way I see it, if he beats HHH then he's guaranteed to win the belt within the next few months.
  3. If Hunter's ego makes him go over Bryan I am most likely taking a couple of a months sabbatical from main roster WWE
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  4. You think Botchtista v Orton has more chance of main-eventing than Hunter v Bryan? Hunter/Bryan and Brock/Taker will be competing to close the show.

    I think it's great. What a prestigious name to put Bryan over at the biggest show of the year. There's no one bigger for Bryan to face.
  5. Can't happen. Hunter could have beaten Punk in the originally arranged match but not Bryan.

    I think it's a much bigger match for Bryan than going against Tista and Orton.
  6. I'm not counting it out. We're talking about Triple H, who's ego constantly needs to be fed. He went over Punk at the height of his popularity with no payoff for Punk, he can just as well do it to Bryan.
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  7. I hope so, although because they will both be long, including entrances, they may have one of them go on at the middle of the show so that they don't run out of time.

    HOW they can run out of time on a 4 HOUR show, I have no idea though.
  8. You think bryan going over HHH is bigger than beating Orton/Batista to win the title in the main event of mania? :dafuq:
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  9. As I said, Orton/Tista won't main-event (would be Brock/Taker), and yes.
  10. DB over HHH would be an Epic Wrestlemania moment.. But fuck that shit Cerebral Assassin all the way!!
  11. yup
  12. We'll see then. Bear in mind Bryan's finger is more over than Orton and Batista, Hunter will want to be in the main-event, and the title match will be like 8-10 minutes long.

    The ideal scenario obviously would have been Hunter awarding himself the title after Orton v Cena couldn't produce a decisive winner, and Bryan winning the Rumble.
  13. I doubt they'd want the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP to not be a main event. You might be right though. It's like the company's ego for its championship vs HHH's ego... what will prevail? Already a more exciting feud than Orton/Batista.
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  14. Couldn't care less about this feud/match. Waste of time IMO.
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  15. My predictions on main-event:

    Bryan v Hunter 40%
    Brock v Taker 40%
    Orton v Batista 20%
  16. They do typically prefer the world title to headline their landmark anniversary shows (Bret/Yoko at WM10, HHH/HBK/Benoit at WM20), but then there's a first time for everything. Plus, being fair, there's only been two 10-year anniversary shows anyway. It also used to be tradition (albeit only for a short time) that even with two world championships, the Rumble winner would still get to be the one to headline Wrestlemania but they killed that tradition starting with 2006 (Wrestlemania 22.) They could do the same here with having either Triple H/Daniel Bryan headline (most likely, especially given that this is the match that people will be the most emotionally invested in) or even Brock/Taker.

    Plus, I've been saying for all these months how I find it improbable that Orton, even with the world title(s) over his shoulders, will end up higher on the card than Triple H does given that HHH has been more of the main heel/antagonist these past several months than Orton has been. I know Triple H hasn't exactly been heelish these past few months, but at the drop of a hat, he can easily get more heat from the audience if he wants to than Orton ever could and the way this whole Authority storyline began was with Triple H (along with Orton) going heel again for the first time in nearly a decade. So yeah, Triple H's match and feud, especially if it's against the company's most popular babyface, is infinitely more important than Orton/Batista for the title. As we should surely all know by now, the championship match isn't always the most important match on the card, whether they intend it to be or not.

    In other words, yeah, I'm enjoying the pay off Bryan will get for all the torment HHH put him through starting at Summerslam... just as long as Bryan goes over, of course.
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  17. It really just sums up the entire Bryan push. He'll be in a really good spot but not the one the fans want.
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  18. I concur with you on this Sir.

    I myself am a Bryan fan and I would be pretty happy if he faced HHH at WM30 also. I do believe it would be what is "Best for Business" however for The Game to put Bryan over. I happen to believe this would be a very engaging contest that the fans would enjoy.

    Besides how many PPV matches can WWE let him lose on? He has lost in 4 of the past 5 PPV's he has appeared on (Lost at; Hell in a Cell, TLC, Rumble and EC). The only win coming over the Wyatt's with CM Punk at Survivor Series. Winning at WM30 against HHH would maybe redeem those loses.
  19. Well seeing how 75% of the backstage WWE guys doubt Bryan will go over Triple H, I think this gif is necessary.
  20. I think Lowes cuts HHH deals on shovels considering how many he goes through.
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