Are you happy with The Rock/Cena Build Up?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Mar 13, 2013.

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    If you think about it, they've only had one confrontation so far and are supposed to only have two more leading up to Wrestlemania. And now we heard that they won't give John Cena mic time because they don't want to make The Rock look weak going into this match.

    So for this match, Redemption Vs. Greatness, the match that will be closing Wrestlemania 29, the match which is for the top title in the company... why doesn't it feel right? Why does this whole match not feel important? Why are we getting video packages rather than promo's. I'd rather have a pre-recorded segment with the two. Even though we all bitched and complained on how we don't want to see this match and the fact that they added no gimmick to the match kills the care cup I have even more. The way this match has been booked makes it behind Brock Lesnar/HHH and CM Punk/Undertaker.

    So the question is are you happy with the build up?
  2. I'm not looking forward to the match since it's predictable and will probably bore me like last year did (although Rock's matches have progressively improved since his return.) But I don't see a problem with the build thus far. Similar to Triple H and Undertaker a couple of years ago, they can just hype this match with video packages and people talking about how they're looking forward to the match to see if The Rock can beat John cena again or if Cena can actually pull out a victory here. Do this until they have one more (or two more, as the case may be) confrontation before Wrestlemania. We already had Rock/Cena confrontations the last two years, there's not a whole lot left for them to do except to say that Cena feels he needs to beat The Rock and The Rock saying he couldn't get the job done the first time and so the odds are against him that he can do it this time.
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  3. I guess the fact that Rock can't show up to Raw harms the build up in a way. After I saw they were going with that anyway and that there was no way out, meh, I'll not deny that their last confrontation was good and so was the video package (although most WWE packages are good anyway), but I don't have many expectations for the build or the match since they only have two more to go (since Rock won't show up next week).
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