Are you happy with your teams signing(s)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Lacky, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Just a thread to discuss who your clubs signed during the transfer window, and if you're happy with who you bought

    Layout ;

    Club : *Your Team*
    Signings ;

    Signing 1 : *Comments*
    Signing 2 : *Comments*

    Let's go!

    Club : Manchester City

    Signings ;

    Richard Wright - GK : Signed to be 3rd choice goalkeeper, not really a lot to say.

    Maicon - RB/WB : Maicon is a wing-back, I'm not sure how he'll fit into Mancini's plans or what will happen to Micah Richards. For 4 million. I think he'll be a good squad player.

    Matija Nastasi? - CB : Only really come onto the scene, 19 years old. Look's very promising been tipped as the next Vidic.

    Jack Rodwell - CM : Good signing, hopefully will replace Gareth Barry in the long term. Very promising youngster. Been slightly plagued by a few injuries. Hopefully he'll come good for us. Played good against QPR.

    Javi Garcia - DM/CM : Look's very good from what I've seen. A lot of people have tipped him better than Nigel De Jong. Look's like a good passer of the ball, and hopefully he'll be able to work the magic whilst Yaya is at Africa cup of nations.

    Scott Sinclair - Winger : Very talented youngster, Pretty fast down the wing, has good dribbling technique and not afraid to score. Hopefully he'll be given more a opportunity that Adam Johnson did.

    How about your clubs signings?
  2. I don't have a good over all look over every signing we did this year but I'll comment on the two I know off and have followed.

    Club : Tottenham Hotspurs
    Signings ;

    Signing 1 : Gylfi Sigurdsson - Very talented young mid fielder. I think he will truly come into his own in the Spurs and grow as a player. Good signing who I see as a possible staple player for us in the future.
    Signing 2 : Moussa Dembele- Great signing. One of the best young mid fielders out there and he is still only 25 which means he still has a lot of time ahead of him. I see him as our replacement for Modric and he can very well become a hero for Spurs fans. A goal in his debut doesn't hurt either.
  3. @[Stopspot]

    :dafuq: Dembelé is a striker, bro..
  4. Dembele is a attacking mid fielder you ditz :dawg:
  5. Hahaha nw, he's listed as a mf but that's bs.

    Since Lacky did Man C, I'll do my fav club in Holland.

    De Winter - Pointless buy is pointless, we already have 3 GK's.

    Donny Gorter - A young left back, great potential, replacement for Buttner who would've been transferred to AZ but went to Man U.

    Viktor Elm - Brother of Rasmus Elm. Swedish midfielder, great player. A lot of experience in the game.
    Markus Henriksen - One of the biggest talents from Norway, haven't seen anything of him, but people say he's really good.

    Steven Berghuis - Young talent from FC Twente, was on loan to VVV Venlo last season, good potential.

    ... Not pleased with the sigings. :cry:
  6. Club: Man United

    Shinji Kagawa - Going to be one of the best CAM's in the league. Amazing on the ball, good pace, good work rate. Relatively cheap too considering how many clubs want him. Amazing signing, one of the best of the season IMO.

    RVP - Great signing for now. It shows the intent we have, an amazing finisher and finally some competition for Rooney.

    Nick Powell - Great signing for the future.

    Buttner - Definitely the LB we need to give Evra some competition.

    Very pleased.
  7. That's what wikipedia says. He may have played there in the prem. But he playes as a striker in the biggest part of his carreer.

    He's just mis used as midfielder. :eww:
  8. Dembele isn't even an attacking midfielder, he's always been a CM. Box to box CM.
  9. I hope you're trolling.

    He played in Holland for years, even at my fav club AZ, and before that at Willem II and before that at Germinal Beerschot. Always as a striker or no. 9. Even on the squad of Belgium.

    Check your stats bro. :pity:
  10. Wee explanation of who they are and where they came from as you won't know them. In order of when they signed:

    Tim Clancy - Signed from last year's 'best of the rest' team Motherwell as we managed to offer more than them according to Mullet McCall - Really solid dependable defender, great tackler and managed to grab a goal against Celtic (albeit fortuitous) yesterday.

    Paul Cairney - Signed from div1 club Partick Thistle - 23 Y/O attacking/wide midfielder who scored 15 goals for Partick last season. Looks like we've uncovered a bit of a gem to be honest and I think we should look for lower division players more often. Scored a really good goal yesterday as well.

    Ben Williams - Signed from Colchester after he wanted to move despite being their player of the season - Looked shaky at times although made a couple of fantastic saves plus a penalty save which ended up winning us the game. Dodgy from crosses however never stops talking to the defence and is a big lad. Please with this signing.

    Leigh Griffiths - Re-signed on a 6 month loan after being with us on loan last year - Cracking signing. If we could get him on a perm that would be fantastic as the guy is a massive Hibs fan and scores shitloads of goals. He'd possibly be playing in the prem just now if it weren't for his attitude and his epic goal celebrations, however as long as he is playing for us and scoring goals my care cup is empty. Important player.

    Alan Maybury - 33 Y/O full back who played for multiple SPL clubs plus leicster(sp) I think - Had my reservations but think he'll be similar to Clancy and turn out to be a good, solid SPL player.

    Gary Deegan - Played in the championship for someone (I forget who) - Great, tough tackling midfielder who has made a colossal difference to our midfield. Not afraid to get stuck in and could be a really good signing for us.

    Shefki Kuqi - You all know him! - Big powerful guy upfront for us, obviously unfit so can't make much of a judgement, however can't wait to see him play and teach our young forward Ross Caldwell how to be a target man. Chuffed with this one.

    Ryan McGivern - Some albino kid, plays for Mancity and we have him on loan for 6 months - Decent pedigree I guess, seemed to be a promising player before he broke his leg a couple of years ago.

    Jaaaaaaames McPake, Jaaaaaames McPake! - This man is the biggest god. Seriously if there was any one man I would let take me up the chuff it would be him. Centre half and the reason we are still in the SPL. I don't think I need to say anymore really.

  11. @[R'Albin] You have a pretty good player in Ryan McGivern, I enjoy watching him. Very attackive wing back. Impressed me a lot a few seasons back during pre-season.
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  12. Good to hear. If he impressed you for Man City then he will easily leave his mark on the SPL. By the sounds of things I can see him playing in wide midfield as we don't have any proper wingers atm. Encouraging..
  13. Sheffield Wednesday.

    Jay Bothroyd - The last time he was with DJ he picked up 15 in 16 at this level, he's a strong threat in the air whilst being able to finish with his feet. I'm jizzing over what he could offer us.

    Martin Taylor - A CB who again is strong in the air, will be handy at set plays. Also right footed and experienced, hopefully our leader at the back.

    Paul Corry - One for the future, still apparently is a really decent center mid, unsure if he'll fit in as I've seen so little of him however.

    Rodri - A Barca boy who's got a great first touch and movement, needs to understand when to turn on the tricks however he'll bully defenders despite being smaller (around 5 7) and has a nice work rate.

    Mayor - Young kid, seems to be rated by Preston fans as decent but lazy. Hope DJ can improve him, tore us a new one at Deepdale last season.

    Antonio - Honestly I love this guy, he's a direct winger with strength and pace who can dribble, shoot and cross. Was dubious at his lack of Championship experience but so far he's come on more every game, being a great outlet.

    McCabe - Seems to have a bit of everything including strength, workrate, a decent shot, a great pass and a nice set piece. Young but already a cut above, we've stole him from Ranger's plight and with the other clubs who were interested (Everton and Swansea amongst others) he obviously has talent, more to come I'm sure but a great prospect as well as a really good current player.

    Pecnik - Not impressed, he's obviously got talent but looked lost when played any where but off a target man, seems very light weight. However he is adjusting so I'll give him time.

    Amado - Lasted around a month before feeling homesick and being sent back to Portugal, still he was a free so no loss.

    Chris MaGuire - It's a shame as when he signs he would have been my 2nd choice striker with Madine but now we have Jay and Rodri in aswell as the good form of Cogba. He'll be a strong choice as back up I'm sure.

    Gardner - Hasn't settled in yet, Palace's player of the year last year and obviously has talent. Hope his old injury issues aren't back.

    Mattock - Another highly rated player who hasn't played much yet, still giving him time.

    Lee - Been injured, another who won player of the year at his previous club so obviously has talent.

    Kirkland - Really impressed with his nature to ordering his defense and some great saves. We're playing very attacking football so were leaving gaps but god can this boy move, please stay fit.

    Overall I'm impressed with the players coming in, it's a lot better then the days of Sodje, Jeffers and Clarke.
  14. Yeah, he's a good utility player. Can play down the left side, on a couple of occasions I think he's even played at Defensive Midfield...
  15. Chris Maguire was pretty poor whenever I seen him play. Would be a decent backup striker I think but nothing more for me. Goes down far too easily and the only reason he was so highly rated was because of his halfway liner from a kick off in a Scotland u21 game on TV.

    By the way "16 incher" Sodje is an utter legend up at Hibs. He was so bad yet managed to get 6 in 15 for us lol. Oh and agree that Jeffers is/was a ridiculously overrated player.
  16. I liked Francis Jeffers, he was a boss on Football Manager for me.
  17. I was just going off of what was said about him by Pompey and Derby fans who both rated him tbh, he hasn't had much of a chance here so far.

    Sodje was similar for us, he hit form and had a decent run but got injured multiple times. Still love him for this goal though lol :


    Jeffers was decent but again incredibly bad fitness record, what possessed us to pay a fee for him I'll never know.
  18. Such a god.


    To be fair to Maguire, Aberdeen are fucking awful so with that service his goalscoring record is hard to judge. Just not a fan myself.

    What did you pay for Jeffers by the way?
  19. 700k and 9 grand a week, this was when we were 30 million in debt aswell, and luckily we're basically debt free now.
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