Are you interested in Rhodes v Sandow...?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. Without the briefcase being involved in the match?

    Even if Rhodes goes over it won't mean anything because Sandow still has the briefcase. They could add the stipulation on SD maybe. It will probably now be the pre-show match.
  2. MATCH OF THE NIGHT. Pre show? Please.. It has had too much air time to be a pre show match. If its on the pre show, I will just watch that and don't watch the PPV. And I guess the briefcase will be added
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  3. Maybe he will steal the briefcase again?

  4. I am asking this because currently the briefcase isn't involved. It's a normal singles match between two mid-carders so could easily be on the pre-show. I would be looking forward to it if the winner got the briefcase so hopefully that will be added.
  5. I really dont think the briefcase will be involved at all what will happen is cody will win the match then sandow will cash it after del rio and christians match and win then cody will be like hey i beat the champ surely that makes me no 1 contender and then there feud can continue.
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  6. Hadn't thought of that, cool idea.
  7. Neither did i till just then but it seems logical to me they have had alot of tv time so there obviously giving both these guys a push so if it ended up pre show i would be a little dissapointed.
  8. Hopefully a stipulation is added to an already epic feud between two rising stars, and I hope that Cody can win the briefcase and Sandow can then go from there; he'll still have some momentum to go into another feud and then try and go from there. Cody can take the briefcase and go for people like Goldust (everyone wants to see this) to build him up even further as he goes for the WHC. I just don't think Sandow has the storylines right now, let him feud with people in the midcard, so he builds up a longer hatrid for certain wrestlers a la Cody with Goldust (not really hatrid) and Orton.
  9. Well i'm interested in Sandow :pity1:
  10. Yes, I'm very happy that they're getting air time, an actual feud and a PPV match. Props to WWE, Rhodes Sholars jobbing left and right was one of my main complaints but they solved that issue, props to them. Very excited even with the briefcase not being on the line, because it doesn't make sense to put it on the line, it's not a championship (and an intellectual superior doing something as stupid as that also isn't logical, and so far this feud has been that to an extent, although if he was forced to by an authority it'd make sense). I think Sandow will win the belt soon and Rhodes will feud with him for it.
  11. Ziggler vs Cena for the briefcase made much less sense that puttin this one on the line
  12. Rhodes will win the briefcase. Be sure he will!
  13. I think he was forced to put it on the line by Vickie or something, no?
  14. I like it because it gives two young guys TV time and gives a guy like Rhodes some meaning, which he hasn't really had since winning the Intercontinental Title. After he dropped the belt, he kinda lost a meaning to why he was on TV, besides to job.
  15. I am highly interested in this feud and I don't really want it to end at Summer Slam, I think the feud has so much potential and hope it isn't a one time thing, I would like to see Sandow go over on a technicality so they can continue the feud to Night Of Champions. I don't really think a briefcase should be on the line, I like that Cody will keep Sandow out of the title scene to hopefully go over and become Champion near the end of the year, possibly around Hell In A Cell.
  16. Their feud is currently the one I'm most interested in when it comes to WWE. Rhodes and Sandow have great chemistry and they work off the other so well,it's been making for some quality TV time. I was a little upset at first when their match at SummerSlam wasn't for the contract but it'll still be a good match,I just hope their feud isn't halted after SummerSlam.
  17. With no briefcase? :nope:
  18. Interested just because I want to see Sandow win and see all the Rhodes marks get mad.
  19. What this guy said.
  20. I... don't... know...

    On one hand, there's the good story of Sandow being a dick and Rhodes (as he said on Smackdown) just being fed up with him in general. It's a simple story that makes sense for both characters. The build's been good and it's two of my favorite guys on the roster.

    On the other, there's the whole story of Sandow stealing the briefcase, which the more you think about that it sucks. Sandow just did what anyone would do and capitalize on the opportunity to win the briefcase, and for Cody to be angry makes a lot of sense... but for him going so far overboard as to do all the things he's done to Damien is making him actually look worse... that's nitpicking, whatever. Anyway, how does this benefit either guy? If Cody wins your jobber MITB winner jobs again and Cody moves on to feud for a mid-card belt, woo-hoo. But if Sandow wins that basically throws Cody back into the large pile of enhancement talent yet again and nothing changes for Damien...

    Guess I'll swallow my brain and enjoy this one, again it's a simple story that makes sense for both characters, something I've been begging for. And now that most feuds are back to being #wwelogic lets go back to enjoying our bread crumbs (along with our several whole slices coming from he WWE title feud).
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