Are you into TNA?

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  1. Can't say I am really. I mean I'll watch it sometimes if nothing is on, but I really have troubles coping with TNA always pushing the old guys. Must admit, I'm a massive fan of AJ Styles.
  2. I'm a big fan of TNA admittedly I prefer the early stuff such as the X division being built around AJ / Joe/ Daniels and the teams such AMW however I do like alot of what they're doing now with A double as the X division champion and Roode as the WHC. They do seem greatly to book a whole show though so some areas get neglected for others hopefully the Pritchard era can solve this.
  3. The pritchard era? Gonna have to catch me up with all of this :emoji_wink:.
  4. Abit of Brother Love booking the shows it can't be bad :emoji_wink:.
  5. Haha fair enough. Does Hulk Hogan still feature in it all the time?
  6. He hasn't been on since the episode after BFG. The main storylines involve Roode vs AJ after Roode turned heel after beating Storm for the WHC after hitting him with the beer bottle plus there is Hardy/ Jarrett and Storm Angle. So the shows are actually pretty good at the moment.
  7. TNA is even worse than WWE.
    I despise it.
  8. Fair enough ^^ Lol.

    I might tune in again to see the AJ feud, it's sounding a decent show at the moment. I just get fed up seeing Hogan, the man is as egotistical as HHH, actually he's even more. Is Kurt Angle still there wrestling?
  9. He's still wrestling yeah he had a really good match with James Storm at the last ppv.
  10. I heard that Jeff Hardy was recently caught again with Drugs or something too? But TNA let him off yet again. Not sure though, could be completely wrong there.
  11. He showed up basically off his tits at Victory Road vs Sting got suspended for a good 6 months and now he's back. He does seem to be on the straight and narrow at the moment though. Apart from this strange helmet he seems to wear to the ring.
    The incident at victory road if you haven't seen it.
  12. Oh god that's horrible. I assume that's why the match was so short? Sting didn't look happy.
  13. Yes I am. I tried to resist though at first.
    I hadn't watched wrestling since 2003 and WWE just isn't good enough for me. TNA has better storylines I think, and better wrestlers. Still, it's got nothing on WWF but it has to do.
    I like the Matt Morgan/Crimson tag team, especially Crimson, he's a great athlete. Still unbeaten too.
    Roode vs Hardy at Genesis should be good too.
  14. I've got pretty high hopes for Hardy/ Roode also Roodes been great for the past few years and Jeff is a great babyface seller. I'm expecting at least 3.5* possibly higher dependent on high well they mesh.
  15. Really trying to get into it. Watched an episode of it last night for a little bit, it's weird watching wrestling again when you have no idea who the other superstars are. Big fan of AJ though.
  16. I want to watch it but never really do. I like loads of people there. Abyss, Jeff Hardy, AJ ect... But I just never really do watch it.
  17. What's the official time of the show (UK)? And what channel?
  18. It's on challenge on Saturday at 10 I think.
  19. Ah okay nice, thanks :emoji_slight_smile:.
  20. No worries plus ppvs are show the Wednesday after on challenge aswell for free so we don't get a bad deal IMO.