are you kidding me

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. Just started watching this abortion of an opener and am legitimately fighting back yawns for the first 10 minutes and now AJ books Big Show and CM Punk for ANOTHER match later?

    worst gm ever


    now R-Truth?

    fuck Raw

    lol now a 90 second Sin Cara squash match over Tensai. Tensai getting cut soon?


    lmfao Cole. "this piper's pit is starting to stink'

    I agree


    thank god here comes DMFZ


    damn, DZ going in hard on Jericho

    this is great


    fuck off Miz


    This divas tag team match set for one fall will save this show!


    they actually made that a 7 minute segment.

    now more Big Show


    I like Sandow, but damn. Christian is the ultimate jobber now
  2. Lol you never finished.

    He must have been bored to death. Get it? :dawg:
  3. Just skip to the end segment. Pretty much only thing left that's good about the whole show :true:
  4. AJ skipping to the ring was fucking pathetic. No GM should be presented as a 12 year old retard, and she doesnt even make fucking matches. R-truth is garbage and needs to get a new angle or :gtfo:

    This was such a shit show.
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  5. lol he couldn't watch anymore of it. Awesome review, best so far because of not finishing it.
  6. I'm stunned you watched at all. Why not just fast-forward to the Ziggler/Jericho segment?
  7. Wait, I thought you were giving up RAW?
  8. AJ -- :gtfo:
  9. I pulled it up on YouTube to watch DZ and Brock. I skipped most everything else
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