WrestleMania Are you ordering Wrestlemania this year?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Simple, are you ordering Wrestlemania 29?
  2. Yup goin my mates for a beer and pizza nite. Think theres four of us all secret wrestling fans.
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  3. :nope: I really can't justify staying up till 5 to watch it.
  4. Managed to get the day off afterwards so full on beerfest for me lmao. Should be good hopefully get a couple of the lads back into wrestling.
  5. No. Rather spend the money on a 50 year old hooker.
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  6. a.k.a D'Zs mom

    :pipebomb: !
  7. No way Jose.
  8. :nope: no money and not much interest.
  9. Lol jeez not many of us then. Presume others are using alternate methods?
  10. No, but I never order PPVs because I'm not even able to so it's irrelevant.
  11. Almost certainly not. Thank fuck for streams.
  12. Not ordering it but im watching it.
  13. I'll read results, but I'll wait for the blu-ray.
  14. Yeah, my internet sucks and I like watching it live so I have no other choice.

    It'll probably be okay, I somewhat like the card. I'm sure there'll be a few things that surprise everyone. Might look like a predictable card, but anything can happen really.
  15. Nope. Just a waste of money when you can watch the whole show next day in 1080p HD free.
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  16. Sick day. Or just be a tired zombie the next day.
  17. :nope: No ordering it for me.
  18. If you want the Bully's 60 bucks, go out and earn it.
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  19. Yeah, only really order Mania/Rumble, somtimes SummerSlam.

    Will watch it the next day after college.
  20. Not unless I'm on a truck load full of drugs. Wouldn't waste my money on that if my life depended on it.
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