Are you Racists?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Oct 3, 2015.

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  1. Take the quiz and post your results. I had no idea... My grandpa would be proud.

    Are You A Racist?

    "You can't stand people who look different from you. They make you sick or angry. You either believe your race is the best or you simply want nothing to do with people different from you.
    Suggestion: Register with the KKK
    Similar Personalities: Adolf Hitler, David Duke, Louis Farrakhan"
  2. Kinda racist..
  3. Not Really Racist

    Although I make racist jokes, I say it as they are. Just jokes.
  4. Not Really Racist...compared to Bill Clinton and Bruce Lee is the be all, end all of life.
  5. Not Really Racist

    It'll be difficult for someone to actually get the Racist result, unless they go out of their way to get it.
  6. No, I got open minded, although I didn't really need to take a quiz to tell me that.
  7. I don't get the question where it was like, "How many friends are the same ethnicity as you?" Like, self-hate on your own race does exist. lol
  9. Racist people don't make friends outside their own race, I think was the point. Either way I don't have any cause there is honestly nothing but white people around here. lol
  10. Kinda racist, apparently? I mean, I live in Rural Pennsylvania with a minority of population that is very, very low so that has a lot of impact on my answers. Would like to think I am open minded, and the comparison to Republicans definitely is off.
  11. Said I was "as open-minded as they come." Pretty boring quiz, tbh.
  12. I'd disagree with that, I've seen people make very racist comments and then use the defence of 'I can't be racist because I have friends who are black/Asian/whatever.'
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  13. I guess but it depends on how you take it. To me, I am not racist at all. I genuinely don't like most people lol
  14. Well, it is a good point. If a person really did think people of a certain race were inferior to them, I don't see why they'd go out of their way to be friends with them. In most cases, so-called 'racist remarks' are just people being too oversensitive on things.
  15. From what I have noticed is that a lot of friendships with mixed races crack and joke about the other race, not to be racist, but to be funny. Think of how many black comedians make white jokes, how many Hispanic comedians make black jokes, and so on.
  16. In some cases yeah, I've seen different ethnicities joke. But I've seen people I used to go to school with be awfully racist and xenophobic- mostly towards specific ethnicities. They see the racist propaganda from right wing groups on Facebook and agree with it. If anything I think they're just morons that believe anything they see on Facebook, maybe they don't mean to be assholes, it just happens.
  17. Facebook is used to separate people, not bring them together. I never had an account but I have seen it destroy friendships, marriages, ect.

    What you are saying does happen and I understand that but a lot of jokes do get taken out of context. But backing what you have been stating, I knew a guy who was only friends with black people because of where he was raised. He always used horrible words about blacks and then to his friend's face, he was perfectly fine. To me, you can't really be a true friend with someone if you go behind their back making serious racists comments.
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