Are you ready for WW3?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Greatness_, Aug 31, 2013.

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  1. I really want you to ask yourself this

    Because as of right now the stage is being set and has been for awhile

    USA is at some point going to take action against Syria, for currency and Oil reasons. We will have obviously, UK, France, Canada, Australia (for what they are worth ) to back us up in Syria, but Russia and China have said in the past they will NOT tolerate an Attack on Syria or Iran. Which would put us in a tough spot. If the United States takes action all hell could break lose. If Russia or China steps in the other one follows, if not even having the other Middle Eastern countries jumping in. It will end up looking like this. US, UK, France, Canada, Australia vs Russia, China, Iran, Syria and other middle eastern countries.

    We have some wild cards in there as Spain could jump in for US and Germany could step in for the opposite. But this is not looking good. I recommend you look into this a little more, here is a video that kinda breaks it down for you in short time

  2. Nah. Siesta>WW3

    We didnt participate in the first or second because we were too poor (Just came out of a civil war)

    Now, we are again fucked up.
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  3. The world needs freedom spreading from 'Murica and the snot nosed slow brother the UK.
  4. W-well fuck you.
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  5. Just saying we don't hear as much about your Military
  6. It's because we're keeping it secret from all outside countries so they can't foil our plans to take over the world.

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    I'll give you a hint: we're mass-breeding kangaroo's
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  7. GI JOEY.
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  8. Reported for leaking confidential information.
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  9. I don't care about WW3 tbh. Spain would join Syria because they don't get on well with UKfags, but I don't think we'll see a world war anytime soon. I suggest those ones who wants to see a world war to play Call of Duty and for those ones who want to kill people in a war thinking it's easy, I suggest them to quit playing CoD
  10. Well the UK are out as the House of Commons voted no on any action being taken. Thats only for now though. But they are threatening cabinet reshuffles to put more Cameron supporters in place.
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  11. The Spanish hate the English so I doubt they would join in on our side. Go to Spain and I will give you a tenner if none of them give you a dirty look. Terms and conditions apply.
  12. Oh we dont hate those stupid madafackas. Nah seriously, all this shit is about Murrica and the oil. Why would Europe join? Why would Spain give a fuck about it if all this stuff is because Obama wants the oil? And damn it, we hate France, Italy, Merkel, UK and anyone else that isnt spanish. Nah seriously, we have no problem with them, they bring money. And btw, Ive lived in UK. One year. And I can say the same about the UKFags. Still love them.
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  14. Germany would join Russia/Syria? Yeah right :haha:
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  15. I thought you meant this vid! PoPo
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  16. Murrica still thinks Germans are the bad guys.
  17. You hate Italy? Didn't you own Naples? WHY DO YOU HATE ITALY? In NJ they love Italian people :troll:
  18. There will never be a world war 3. Everything would be nuclear unless there are terms agreed upon to not go there, but yeah right. It'd be chemical warfare.
  19. I don't see this going full scale world war. Big regional war sure but not full fledged world war. Russia and China putting trade embargoes on the US could seriously cripple a already beaten down American economy (especially if China did it) which could cut the American war effort to a stop.
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