Are you scared of anything?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Samalan, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. I sound like a right 5 year old but I am scared of heights. I'm not scared of clowns.
  2. Death I suppose.
  3. Heights, Spiders, Clowns.
    Scared is an under statement with all of them, try terrified. :upset:
  4. Slight claustrophobia and I am not a fan of rodents
  5. Clowns are some freaky shit.
  6. bugs,rats, mice, heights, Hell, and Fred Savage
  7. im scared of coleminer's picture Look at the eyes
  8. :ksi: :ksi: :ksi: :ksi: :ksi: :ksi: :ksi: :ksi: :ksi: :ksi: :ksi: :ksi: :ksi: :ksi: :ksi:
  9. Today, my general fears and phobias are of the common kind. I don’t have many fears, but such are awkward silence, strange noises & frequencies send chills up my spine.
  10. Rats and gerbils or anything near those scare the shit out of me.
  11. I'm only scared of spiders. Put a snake on me, not bothered. Rat, not bothered. Spider? Running for the hills.
  12. Insects.
  13. Define.
  14. Small invertebrate animal.
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  15. :win: :obama: :lol1:
  16. :dawg:
  17. The Big Show. :regal:
  18. I'm a very paranoid person and I think way too much, and thus manage to get myself scared of a lot of things. Like the idea of being killed or robbed, or losing someone (or something) that I care about, etc. Snakes and spiders also creep me the fuck out. I also have had nightmares where I'm suddenly in the middle of a vast empty field (near a jungle or something) and there's a bunch of lions or tigers surrounding me. A similar nightmare is ending up in a body of water that has alligators and stuff in it. Scary shit. I also have had thoughts of winning the lottery but then getting the ticket stolen from me or having it blow out of my hands because it's so windy outside.
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