Are you slightly more optimistic now or not?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. RAW had its 3 hour episode and most of us think it was a relatively good show to be honest. Anyone more optimistic over the up-and-coming permanent 3 hour shows?
  2. I didn't sit through the show in it's entirety which probably helped.. sooo many commercials and useless segments still, it's hard to stomach. I especially hate when they come back from commercial, have entrances for a match, show 30 seconds of the match, and go to another commercial.
  3. The worst part is when they don't even have matches. They go to commercial, come back, backstage segment, cole advertises match, commercial.
  4. no because the shows could be 3 hours of bordem
  5. Well, I think that for what everyone expected to be a disaster, it was a pretty good show. I believe they're "training" with three-hour shows to be able to run them every week.
  6. Hmmm. I don't want to sound like a girl, here but when I watch my soaps the last thing I need is time increases. I don't see RAW too different from when I watch Y&R and 1 hour is fine I think. Sooo, yes RAW should be simpler and sweeter. I vote 2hrs
  7. One good three hour Raw doesn't mean they'll be able to pull it off every week. I still wish for it to be two hours since now Raw is gonna be technically longer than their PPVs. And I know WWE's new genius business plan is to focus on increasing ratings instead of increasing PPV buyrates (the thing that actually makes them money) but I happen to think that is ass backwards.
  8. I enjoyed the show. hopefully they will all be good
  9. yeah buddy, monday night raw = cleaning and cooking night. I got a grip of stuff done around here in the few minutes of commercials....5-10 minutes of raw 3 minutes of commercials.

    Ill have it on the tv while it plays, and anything i feel like i really missed, ill rewatch on tube the next day. Gotta love the people willing to stream off their satellite and then youtube it just because.
  10. We had a 4/10 Smackdown followed by a 6/10 Raw.
    That's 10 points in 1 week... they used to be lucky to get 4.

    There's only one person who deserves the credit, :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect: getting plenty of time means the show can't possibly be less than a 3.

    Plus, they can fit in the Ryback/Sin Cara segments and they feel like a small part of the show instead of way too much of it. However, the commercials last night felt like 3/4ths of the show. They had plenty of backstage segments (thank you, even though the ones this week sucked) wrestlers like Daniel Bryan got more mic time to establish a character (thank you), we actually got longer matches that didn't feel like complete wastes of time (thank you)... I guess we don't have much of a reason not to be optimistic, it seemed to help the show tremendously!
  11. Why does their business plan matter at all? Good ratings = more viewers = more buys. Them wanting good consistent ratings is a good thing for fans. I'm not sure how the IWC can find something to complain about around that.
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