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  1. What do you think Area 51 is then? There are tons of conspiracy theories based around it and stories about how even driving near it will result in you getting shot, and the same applies with flying near it. Is it just an aircraft testing facility like they say or is there something hidden within?
  2. Bottom the page?
  3. You drunk again?
  4. :no: my phone fails at being a communication device.
  5. If it was just an air force base, why would they not even recognise it's existence for years (not sure if they still do)?

    There's plenty of YouTube videos of people going right to the perimeter (just signs, no walls so it's super risky as you may unknowingly cross the border) and they don't get shot. The guys sit in the car on top of the hill and watch them in their cars, not much happens though.

    I definitely think there's something hidden within.
  6. Thought you were talking about our staff section. :damnn:
  7. It's where we lock up Ryan at night. Also where Anon went.
  8. Those people are always scared shitless and flipping a dick as soon as they see the lethal force signs. So yea, you definitely aren't allowed back there and if those people would continue going down that little dirt road they would be taken care of. Not with guns right away, but they'd send some big bad motherfuckers your way, believe me.
  9. Yeah well obviously you could be shot if you pass the signs saying trespassers will be shot/lethal force authorised, but people going to the border won't be.

    OP did say "even driving near will be shot".
  10. Aliens, it's always aliens.
  11. Its interesting to note how advanced our technology has come since supposed UFO crashes. I think its a huge tech centre full of crashed alien stuff.
  12. Jesse Ventura did a bit for his TV show about it, might be worth a watch if you're interested in this shit.

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  13. Why do you have to try and cause meaningless debates at an attempt to appear somewhat superior? Clearly it was generalised and meant if you drive towards Area 51 and ignore the warnings, you will get shot. How many other bases in the world give you the same treatment? Obviously in this day and age it doesn't mean "if you are randomly walking and happen to stroll near the compound, you're shot". Jesus.

    There was a story of someone flying a plane over, and ignored the warnings he received, and then suddenly two hydra's appeared behind him (came out of the clouds) and threatened to shoot him down. If that's true, then that's hella' scary and what sort of place warren's two hiding hydra's?
  14. What you on about? It appears he mis-understood what either you or I posted so I explained it. It's not like he replied back and a flame war commenced, chill your shits.



    I believe, could be wrong though, that it was eventually proved a hoax.
  15. Nah not that. The guy was actually flying a plane over the compound, or attempted to anyway.

    That one?
  17. I lol'd @ "chill your shits". :haha:

    Anyway, there's defo something major there, no doubt.
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  18. Pretty sure it's just a base where they experiment with new Aircraft and such. Either that or aliens. Actually it's probably just aliens.
  19. This show is a joke, and this coming from someone who's interested in "conspiracies".
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