Aren't we living the IWC dream?

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  1. No matter how much RAW has sucked recently (except Brock), if we were asked for two CM Punk feuds the most common answer would be "Jericho and Bryan", right? Is Vince simply giving the IWC what we want? The reason Punk isn't the main event is because he can't draw, but he's not been stripped off the title and they seem to legitimately want Punk to be a top guy.

    Punk had a period of fucksucking after his feud with Vince & HHH, but since his feud with Jericho I think he's been more interesting. He's doing less jokes and more serious promos, which we wanted all along right? I'm pretty sure with his feud with Bryan, there will be some pretty awesome interactions as these guys have known each other for what, 10+ years? Both were in RoH, both moved to WWE and have become champions.
  2. I'll say no as Bryan, whilst entertaining isn't Bryan Danielson yet. Let them both loose then it will be a dream feud, even forget about allignments and let the fans choose who to cheer and who to boo. Also let them have 85% control of every segment or match at least. It's got potential but for me is far from a dream feud.
  3. Yeah but in comparison with 2009, where it was Cena/Orton or before that it was Cena/HHH/Orton all the time, we've seen Punk have two reigns, Christian have a reign, Daniel Bryan have a reign, Miz go over Cena. Are they at least trying or is it a pure coincidence?
  4. I honestly think it's because they're desperate for new stars so they'll push popular, midcarders who usually have an IWC following. I'll say semi coincidence. Take Punk for instance he got the runs from the shoot really, it got him over with the casuals and Christian was just a stop gap kinda thank you run, same with Henry, Miz is there media guy and Bryan is a world known star in wrestling circles.
  5. I think it's more of a coincidence. It does make sense that an IWC favorite like Punk is feuding with Bryan and was feuding with Jericho until last week or something, but I don't think they are doing this to please the IWC.
  6. I think Punk/Jericho was more of the IWC dream... Punk/Danielson has been done before so it's not really a "dream match", especially since the match will never live up to anything that they could have had on the indies.
  7. I see your point, but I'm sure they cater the "smarks", and have done a lot recently. Maybe not the IWC specifically, but smarks in general. Of course it's not enough because they still cater for the kids a lot more, but we've been given a few awesome things in recent months.

    Punk/Bryan is a dream feud, I've seen lots of people wish to see it in WWE. Sure it's happened before, but that means nothing really if it's not on the main stage. They want these two icons of indie wrestling to face off on the grandest stage in the biggest company. It's more symbolism that these passionate wrestlers (not entertainers) can make it without being in the WWE mold.
  8. Punk Vs. Bryan happened once in ROH from what I remember and they were both very different performers at that time so it still would class as a dream match imo.
  9. I do think they are catering to us "smarks" at least a little but they also justify doing it by the fact that Punk and Bryan are both over huge with the crowds. Similar logic to pushing Benoit and Eddie to world title wins (and a moment together in the ring at the end of WM20), in my opinion.
  10. This is the IWC's dream match, yes, if WWE expects the smarks to really get behind this PPV due to this match alone, they have another thing coming. So far looking at the card, I think "Wow, that Punk vs Daniel Bryan match looks really good... but Cena vs Johnny Ace? Really? Fuck that!" It's a good business strategy to use this PPV to simply cater to the smart-marks, it feels like the most lackluster PPV of the year anyway, so they may as well throw this against the wall and see how it draws.

    I actually miss the joking-around Punk character. We need a guy who can flip the switch between cutting back and letting loose.
  11. Ace vs john cena won't be bad. It's obviously going to be no DQ or have some stipulation. But this is looking like HBK vs mcmahon. I guess heel GMs are more entertaining than face GMs. We'll see the joking around punk likely when Y2J leaves. Punk used to joke before that but ever since the best in the world/drunk dad thing he's been down. But he joked around in the 3 hour RAW.
  12. The only thing worse than CM Punk and Daniel Bryan for the WWE title....

    is you people thinking this is really CM Punk and Danielson fighting for the title.

    The Real CM Punk has been dead for year now and that tool saying "YES" is NOT Bryan Danielson
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  13. So true :true:
  14. [​IMG]

    Doesn't mean we cannot enjoy the matches we know that they can put out.
  15. If it ain't my bro, Dolph's. Perfect. One rant away from total annihilation
  16. I don't think they need to be their former selves to make this great. MITB CM Punk was different to any other CM Punk over the years right? Daniel Bryan, even if you dislike his current YES gimmick is the most over superstar in WWE at the moment. To be a good performer, wrestler, entertainer, you need to be able to reinvent yourself. Let me give you the best example I possibly can - Chris Jericho.

    CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan, two brand new gimmicks, first time on a WWE PPV, this could be great.
  17. Theory has it there is a glass jar you drop your 'pair' into when Vince castrates you and turns babyface.

    Not certain if its true, but I'm sure we could ask @CM Punk #what happened to your pair
  18. I wouldnt exactly call CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan a dream
  19. And Kelly Kelly as divas champ is? Or Brock Lesnar vs everyone is? Punk and Bryan can wrestle laps around that pile of beef.
  20. Lesnar >>>>> Punk
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