News Aries hit with "severe" fine

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, May 15, 2013.

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  1. The rumour going around is that it is half a years salary he is paying, which is why I thought I'd post this separately. Half a years salary for that!
  2. This is garbage. I wouldn't doubt if Aries was to leave soon.
  3. Well we all know he was character but Aries did go over the line just a little, but did Christy know he was going to do that before hand.Christy with a smile on her face could of been she was in a moment of shock so she played it off.Either way, the fine was high and I wouldn't doubt Aries ask's for his release soon.
  4. Same.. That's just nonsense. I'm sure he'd rather be suspended, followed up with/by a storyline than no full pay.
  5. Not sure whether to believe, but if it is true...

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  6. :cole: - We got a new guy on the NXT roster today folks. He is called "Austin ShiShi"
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  7. Said every Internet fan on a daily basis. LOL
  8. He will be taking on Newcomer, Sami Zane.
  9. Some how I forgot to say fuck you TNA.
  10. Yup, it could help him come back fresh and focused more than ever and all his focus towards that TNA World Title.
  11. Would a kayfabe suspension because of this work? It'd have to be for some other reason than the harassment I presume. Otherwise, I like that idea. A real suspension but a kayfabe one too to work with his return.
  12. I say that on an hourly basis.
  13. I think so personally.
  14. You think a kayfabe Aries suspension due to this "sexual harassment" stuff would work? It doesn't fit TNA's image imo. Aries gets suspended for potentially flaunting his jock in front of a botch-prone announcer, but Aces & Eights have the world title and tour with TNA over the country.

    Unless you just mean you think the suspension story with him being suspended for some random reason and then returning will work, if so, then I agree.
  15. Just like, say he did something he shouldn't or he got "injured training" and then maybe 2 months later bring him back and possibly turn him face and feud with Roode to a match at BFG.. OR just build up as a mega, repackaged heel but yet he's wanting to take out the Aces and Eights.
  16. Yeah it could work, Aries go home and airs out his grievances on TNA and Christy the very next night on camera.
  17. If I was Aries I would just go, get another gig. Hell maybe with WWE.
  18. He just might the next month we will see how TNA handles him in matches, if he starts losing weekly that will tell you that they are having out the door soon or at least teaching him a lesson.
  19. "The San Antonio Ram" Houston Zodiac
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  20. TNA: Why would you do this? This screams "overreaction", and a smart business never makes a decision based on emotions. Damn women.
    A fine is justified, but half-a-year's salary... I'm sorry, but accidentally letting Roode's contract ran out > this. At least this shouldn't affect us as fans.
    Did you do it because Christy's extremely pissed about it? Then, fine him. Sure. Whatever. Don't piss him off in the process, that's only counterproductive.
    Did you do it because some fatass on the internet raised a big shitstorm about it? Then you deserve to fail as a company.
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