News Aries to be disciplined after "sexual harassment"

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, May 14, 2013.

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  2. BOOOOOOOOO! Aries should be rewarded.
  3. Good, don't care if it is Aries. There were plenty of other stuff he could have done.
  4. :facepalm1::facepalm: Hemme with her inflated ego making this a big deal.
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  5. Hemme......I don't like you anymore :sad1:
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  6. Miserable ****s these Spike directors, they have no respect for this thing whatsoever, and are trying to make it a kids show. :finger:
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  7. Man, I suggest you get out of this thread if you're not trolling.:finger:
  8. TNA wrestler Chavo Guerrero defended co-worker Austin Aries and criticized Mark Madden in relation to the controversy over Aries "crotching" ring announcer Christy Hemme during last Thursday's Impact episode.

    Chavo tweeted Tuesday: "Great Job @MarkMaddenX for watering down wrestling even more. God forbid that a wrestler breaks out of the typical mold of being so scared to show his personality on TV. U must've been going crazy during the 'attitude era' with every cutting edge thing that Vince did!

    Chavo added, "And for the record, I saw Hemme after that segment, & she didn't look bothered at all. Just saying...I was there."

    CHAVO! CHAVO! :yes:
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  9. Respect points added to Chavo.
    Cheap pop? :notsure:
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  10. Stupid decision. Schwarz and Mark Madden must not understand how the "sports entertainment" industry works, jackasses!
  11. I'm thinking Aries did it for Eddie
  12. Chavo Respect Points: + 3
    Hemme Respect Points: - 5
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  13. I still don't like Chavo, but now I have a huge amount of respect for the guy.
  14. Okay with this. This is something that should have just been joked about backstage, no need for it.
    No need to punish him harshly, either. Don't be WWE and bury great talent because of stupid shit, i'm mcintyred of that.
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  15. I shit you not, this no-lifer's twitter account is a gold mine, a fucking Chavo is burying the prick:

    And yes, Mark Madden (?) sent an email to Spike TV seeking for Aries to get fired.:mad1:

    Reading this made my IQ go down five points.
  17. He used balls and face in the same sentence xD
  18. Woah, Christy Hemme's opinion actually matters? wut.
  19. I thought Hemme would of enjoyed it, I would of... :ksi:
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