Aries vs Roode at Destination X

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  1. Almost certainly.
    Aries has been given an opportunity to face Roode for the title, but only if he gives up the X-Division title (he can't hold 2 belts).
    I'm sure it will happen, and it's gonna be damn awesome if it does.

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  2. Yeah, I'm 90 perchent sure it'll happen since they have no better PPV main event as of this posting. Should be a helluva match, possible MOTYC and I wouldn't be surprised if they pull an upset with A Double tbh.
  3. MOTYC at minimum, MOTY if they both live up to their potential and it goes 20+ minutes
  4. Give it an acceptable finish and there's no way this match can disappoint.
  5. Big Poppa Pumped :steiner:
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  6. Who would you be rooting for? I'm really enjoying the Roode streak but Aries is a great character.
  7. AA all day.
  8. We've still not seen Bully vs Roode properly yet.. so I'm not sure I want Aries to win. Either way, I hope to see Bully/Roode & Bully/Aries in title matches.
  9. There is no loser. Whoever wins, we win.
  10. Roode to win a couple of times but then Aries overcomes the odds (typical small underdog stuff) and becomes super over as he ends the streak. Awesome.
  11. Aries's decision about whether or not he accepts the spot at PPV is the opening segment for Impact this thursday. #Live
  12. Excited for all this to go down. Of course he's going to give it up, just dont let it end up in the hands of Garrett or some other asshole piece of shit like Robbie E (i would accept robbie t possibly if they split) or James Storm (too many people on impact feel they are #1 contender, i think storm is just below anderson hardy and angle)

    Shit i forgot it was their cruiserweight, maybe they should get rid of that and make it like the heavyweight (not weight limit though) championship
  13. Robbie E being in the BFG Series means he won't be in the X-Division, right? Thank God.

    Assuming the BFG Series guys won't bother with the X-Division Title until it's over, and they keep keep the weight limit in place, here are their options:
    Alex Silva, Douglas Williams, Kazarian, Kid Kash, Zema Ion. That's it. Doug Williams Face Push anyone?

    AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, The Pope, Jeff Hardy, and Robbie E count, but they are in the BFG series.

    Chris Sabin and Jesse Sorenson can return when they come back, le wild Mark Haskins can appear out of nowhere, Joey Ryan can debut of course, Austin Aries can win it back eventually, I absolutely refuse to believe that Eric Young will be a part of this, they can sign John Morrison, but they really need some new talent.
  14. So who are you push for to get the Xtitle back? I might even be inclined to say give it to Hardy. Biggest seller in the company doesnt need the best title, 2nd best title could still get that weekly match people are aching for.
  15. I'm not against Hardy as X-Division champion at all. Helps elevate the title tbh.
  16. I'd rather Samoa Joe takes it, cut a worked shoot about how he's lost his way so he's going back to where it all started. Hogan announces a 4 way match at the PPV to crown the new champion between Williams, KK, Alex Silva and Kaz. Joe interrupts him, getting more and more annoyed that he isnt in the match and Hogan refuses to put him in. Joe can talk about how he pushed Aries to the limit last time. Joe snaps, throws a right hand knocking hulk down, before locking on the coquina clutch, causing Hogan to bleed from the mouth. Hulk sells the injury until the Imoact after the PPV. Meanwhile Joe squashes jobbers every time demanding he's in the match, only to be rejected until the PPV where he attacks Doug backstage and demands he should replace him, threatening crew until he's allowed in the match. Joe wins, Williams returns after a few weeks setting up a feud for the belt.

    I'm just rambling now it seems.
  17. Indeed.

    Joe being re-pushed is inevitable as long as he stays in something resembling good shape and continues to display the type of intensity he did against Aries at Slammy. He is too good to continue to be an afterthought if he is committed to being the stud he once was.
  18. Joe vs. Doug Williams feud? That's a damn dream come true. :yay:

    It'll be interesting upcoming few months for the X Division, no doubt about it. #PushDoug
  19. Funny Joe was talking about dipping out of the company only about 2 weeks ago, glad he is staying. I would love to see a #1 contenders match for the X-division as big as the title's #1 contenders match, overflow of talent is amazing.