Arizona Aerodactyls

Discussion in 'Pokemon Showdown League' started by Nickelodeon, Nov 14, 2015.

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    So a little late to the party, but here is the thread for the Arizona Aerodactlys. Currently, the team is (nicknames subject to change):

    FUCK DRAPION (Mega Metagross)
    RIP (Clefable),
    Trolol (Thundurus)

    :emoji_slight_frown: (Milotic)
    DA REAL MVP (Krookodile)
    Jared (Rotom-Heat)

    Bruce (Hitmonlee)
    Chris Kaizer (Uxie)
    Lolbat (Golbat)

    Pop rocks (Regirock)
    Affection (Skuntank)
    Idk (Dusclops)


    Past RESULTS:
    Show Spoiler
    Loss 0-1 vs Valley View Victinis

    This Weeks Result:
    Victory 5-0 vs Aurora Suicunes
    OU replay: Nickdibella vs. Thyst - Pokémon Showdown

    Show Spoiler
    We needed to bounce back after a very close loss, and we had a good match up. I went with the same lineup this week, and it paid off. Metagross picked up some early kills on Infernape and Cradily, severely weakening his team. The moment of the match was switching Metagross out predicting the Sucker Punch, which brought in Krook, who has been our MVP thus far. Krook 1 hit the Absol, allowing Golbat to toxic stall Alomomola. Sadly, Lolbat did have to go down, but Krook swiftly avenged him by taking out his final two Pokemon. Overall, a good win to give us some momentum.

    Krook: 3 kills
    FUCK DRAPION: 2 kills
    Lolbat: 1 kill

    Haverford Honchkrows
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  2. Nice battle aside from the bat vs fish part :no:
  3. I'll see you next week
  4. @Nickelodeon when do u wanna fight? im free all saturday
  5. I should be free the whole weekend
  6. okay ill be on for a large portion of the day tomorrow
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  7. Too much bulk. Kinda don't want to face you haha.
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  8. I'll prepare extra toxic stalling :cesaro:
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  9. @Nickelodeon you vs Zach needs to happen by morning or it's a 0-0 draw.
  10. So that's what happens
    @Solidus Are you helping @C.M. Shaddix team build?
  11. Not for Shadow.
  12. For me?
    I thought you accepted the challenge?
    Anyways, not gonna be here for about 2-3 more days so... @C.M. Shaddix battle Wednesday? Or wait, this is confusing me. Does it start Monday? If so, I'm available Wednesday onwards. Just lemme know a time
    P. S. I live in U. S. Eastern Standard Time
  13. Replays aren't working apparently.
  14. I agree
  15. What the heck is going on? lol Did they battle or not? I got Zach next.
  16. I beat Zach last Saturday? I posted about it above, too
  17. Is my post not there where it says "We beat the Electabuzz 4-0"? Because i see that and I remember posting that lol
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