Armchair CEO #1: WWE

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by RoyalRaven, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. This is a simple thread, fitting that after Royal Rumble WWE isn't looking so hot now!

    You become Chairman of the WWE, what would you do to improve the current product? What changes would you make to the staff/employee's? What would your plans be to keep the product entertaining for the future?

    First of all I'd keep up the storyline we have going and just before Wrestlemania, I'd hand out survey's via Email/In Person/On the website. Asking people about what they like about the product, what they don't like about it and I'd find out which superstars people like and which they don't like. Then I'd push the more popular characters and depush the less popular ones.

    I'd then put the less popular ones on shows like Superstars and Main event, but with a few of the more popular characters so that they could focus on getting over with the crowd as either Heels or Faces. I'd also stop this business of people who come back like The Rock/Batista from just getting in the Wrestlemania main event, when most of the time they don't do anything to deserve it. We have some real Talent like Ziggler/Bryan/Reigns/Cesaro/Punk who people love and would actually have an entertaining match at the main event.

    I'd also bring back the Hardcore belt and the 24/7 rule, so that way it would be a way to spice things up abit. Now I remember one scene in WWE where Booker T and Stone Cold were just casually fighting in a shop, using whatever they could as weapons, stuff like that was entertaining and it's something we don't see with WWE.

    I'd also give the Diva's abit more of a spotlight, giving them promo time and setting up actual feuds, I'd also add a womens tag team championship belt because god knows they need something else to do.

    I'd also fire Khali, because he's just not very good anymore and we have other big men who could take his place and just flatout be more entertaining. Speaking of entertaining, I'd like to also say that one of the more entertaining results recently was when Orton lost to Kofi Kingston, which as anyone else could tell you was a miracle. Because no one in their right mind would have called that result without having already known about it, Kingston is a jobber and never in a million years would you expect that, I'd like to see that every once in a while, they make someone like Kingston win to just buff him up a little and not make him look terrible.

    I'd also push 3MB, because lord knows they're overdue to win something, I mean how can a team look credible if they don't ever win anything?

    enough of my ranting, what would you do? (oh if this thread picks up a little steam, I'll be sure to come back with another)
  2. I would wait til after 'Mania 30 and just reboot everything. Try to discontinue all of the storylines unless they are really important.

    Initiate brand split and split up the WWE/WHC Title. That would help so much and make it much better for people watching to not have a clusterfuck of main eventers & upper midcards. It would give focus to more storylines and stop shit!

    Make Smackdown live. It would make the brand split important and give people a reason to watch Smackdown.

    Make the big 4 PPVs an hour longer. Or add 2-3 matches to Pre-Shows. I feel that there could be more matches if the brand split works, ya know what I'm saying? 2 Survivor Series matches at Survivor Series. 1 Team Smackdown vs. Raw. The other be like Team Punk vs. Team Authority. Make the Royal Rumble 40-man. I didn't see the point of having a 40 man Royal Rumble and going back. It would give more opportunity for jobbers like 3MB to job and give people like Reigns even more eliminations. TORNADO ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCHES. I would stop TLC & Hell In A Cell and replace them with like Armageddon and King Of The Ring or something. Add a MITB match at 'Mania but that one would allow people that won't be used in matches to have a big match. Also, unlike the 2 MITB Ladder matches at MITB. This one will allow you to choose whichever title you want.

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