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During the WrestleCade convention last weekend, Arn Anderson made a little bit of news by naming his modern-day Four Horsemen. Three of the four picks aren’t all that surprising, but the fourth was one I didn’t see coming.

At last night’s @TheArnShow LIVE at #WrestleCade, when asked who he would include in a modern day “Four Horsemen” with him being the JJ Dillon of the group, Arn listed:


— Wrestling Travel (@WrestlingTravel) December 1, 2019
  • Cody Rhodes
  • Braun Strowman
  • Dash Wilder
  • Scott Dawson

Cody Rhodes is a quality choice as leader. The Revival are a strong tag team unit with enough grit to resemble Arn Anderson. They have also proven themselves capable of being ruthless protectors of the Horsemen leader. Look to how they bashed a stage-crasher during Bret Hart’s WWE Hall of Fame speech for the Hart Foundation.

And then there’s Braun Strowman. I was not expecting that choice. He seems kind of uncouth to be a limousine riding, custom suit wearing companion. I suppose it could be possible if he got a different haircut and trimmed his beard.

I do have to give credit to Arn for not just being an AEW shill with his picks. He could have easily ignored WWE talent and went with an answer to put over AEW talent. Toot toot.

Those were Arn’s picks. Now it’s time to have fun with mine.

To start up a new Four Horsemen faction, there needs to be a connection to the past. That could be either Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, or Tully Blanchard in at least an on-screen advisory role. Or, it would have to include a direct descendant. That’s right. I’m picking Charlotte Flair to head the group.

To build off from there, I’m looking at Charlotte’s real-life main squeeze, Andrade. Zelina Vega can tag along or not. It’s not that important, because my next pick would have that role covered.

Killer Kross with Scarlett Bordeaux. Kross would be the enforcer in the group. He also has the mental acuity to form cunning plans. Bordeaux could fill the role of Woman as mischievous valet. In addition, Bordeaux can wrestle well enough to provide a buffer between Charlotte and her rival of the moment.

Last would be someone to hit the main event title picture if Andrade’s English prevents him from being top guy. I’m looking to Hijo del Fantasma (aka King Cuerno) to fill that role. I believe Fantasma has all the skills to wrestle different styles and deliver varying flavors of promos.

That would make my crew:

  • Charlotte Flair
  • Andrade (with or without Zelina Vega)
  • Killer Kross with Scarlett Bordeaux
  • Hijo del Fantasma

Best of all, that entire group looks outstanding when wearing fine threads for wining and dining.

Do you like Arn’s picks? Who are you putting in your hand-picked Horseman stable?

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