News Arrest Warrant for Heath Slater

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  1. FOX 5 in Atlanta reports that police there have issued an arrest warrant for WWE Superstar Heath Slater for an incident at the WrestleMania 27 after party in 2011.

    A woman named Corrine Oliver, who was working security at the party, alleges that Slater put her in a chokehold and tried to get her into an elevator to then drag her to his hotel room at the Hyatt Regency. Oliver claims the attack caused damage to five vertebrae in her back. This story was reported back shortly after it first happened but that was the last we heard about it.

    Oliver reported the matter to her supervisor the next morning but waited three months to file a police report, claiming that she waited for supervisors to file the report but they never did. Oliver also said that other WWE Superstars saw what Slater was doing and didn’t help her.

    WWE's lawyer Jerry McDevitt said in a statement that the charges were filed against Heath Miller (Slater's real name) and not the company. This is the same stance they have taken in the past with certain Superstar arrests.

    This is crazy, i wonder if Heath actually did it or not. Thoughts?
  2. So I assume Heath will be released sooner rather than later.
  3. Yeah babay! He probably did. Long time to wait to file legal charges.
  4. Sure I read about this around the time it happened, strange that it has come back up again.
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    This is BS, it's all a work.:dawg:
  6. Not all her fault she waited 3 months to file reports with the police because the company she worked for who was doing security at the event had told her they would file the reports but I guess they never did.. However why the authorities and such waited so long to actually file the charges is beyond me.. I'm trying to find more information on that part but I haven't found much.
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  8. Rick Astley disproves that theory.

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  10. Rick Astley was and could still be one of the biggest ladies mans around.
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  11. Must be pre-Ray Rice video which shows how to get a woman in an elevator
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  14. I don't know why it was removed in the first place.
  15. not really. you overused it bro
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  17. Optimistic sucked. I'm glad its gone.
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  18. Update regarding this:

  19. Chip: *snicker* more like one man banned from wwe or sumthin' right?
  20. Not even. Women are desperate for attention.

    I don't know, it seems too coincidental after the whole Bill Cosby bullshit. Women think they can get away with lying about shit. This is one of them.

    Really.... HEATH SLATER? How many of you think he's that aggressive? No me! Slater seems young, something out of a high school football team.

    I mean, give me a break.
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