Arrested Development Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Jun 25, 2013.

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    Discuss this show ITT. I'm somewhat in season 2 right now. If you haven't watched it, it's on Netflix.
  2. I watched everything on Netflix before the new season was announced and finished it years ago. New season got announced and I was really excited because it was one of my favorite shows. I watched the new season and it's a let down for me, I didn't laugh one time.
  3. I'm only about halfway through season one and moving at a snail's pace due to all the shows I'm juggling at the moment, plus there is nothing in it making me want to marathon like say Community. Definitely a great show though, I love how well-written it is, even if it's not making me constantly laugh during an episode I've at least appreciated every episodes for it's structure. As for characters, I'm kind of everywhere on them. I love some of them (GOB, Michael, & George Sr.), I'm okay with some of them (Lindsay, Buster & George Michael [maybe Lucille, I've been warmed up to her a little bit]) & I dislike the rest of them (Tobias is probably the best example of them well-written thing, most of his plots are well-written, nicely structured and I can tell there's fine comedy there but something about the actor's performance just doesn't evoke any laughing out of me [I think I'm in the minority here though]).

    Not looking forward to the fourth season though. I know what it's concept is and I don't like that concept, plus reading Dat Kid's thoughts on it doesn't help at all.
  4. Same. S4 is a huge disappointment for me.
  5. You don't laugh at Tobias? The fuck? David Cross is a comedy genius my man.
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  6. Have you seen Cross' stand up on Netflix, hilarious

  7. Not sure which one is on Netflix, assuming it is Bigger and Blacker? I love his stand up, just wish I could find more material of his. Wish he were as active as say a Louis CK is or Carlin was.

    He talks about the shit I like listening to in stand up. Politics, religion, race issues, ect.
  8. Yeah it's the bigger and blacker one, it's been on there for a bit. The cheese fries bit gets me.

    And same, Cross has one of the best ones on there.
  9. Love this thread, will post/edit tomorrow. Greatest show.
  10. Well, he actually got quite a few laughs out of me in one of the episodes I've seen since making that post, and I did quite like the never-nude thing but in general no, he does nothing for me (I suppose that could change soon considering how little of the series I've actually gotten through). However after seeing that stand up special Dat Freeze mentioned on Youtube (wasn't streaming on Netflix) I'll at least concede with David Cross being a funny dude (loved the last fifteen or twenty so minutes, the rest was pretty hit or miss for me).
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