Arrow (& Flash) Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Jan 14, 2014.

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    I fucking love this show and if there is anyone else that wants to discuss about it with me or like predict shit. Yeah, that would be nice. I recommended this show to lots of friends & people at my work and they all watch it now.​

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  2. Green Arrow = my favorite Vigilante Hero
    Naturally hearing that a show being made about him I flipped the fuck out! It's an excellent show filled with tons of Batman villains from the rogue gallery..

    They may not be 100% correct with the Comic Book storyline but hey I know it's just an adaptation so they can't get everything right.

    Can't wait for it to return tomorrow, the mid season finale was sooo good!
  3. Missed the new episode unfortunately :sad: last night but just watched it on Hulu, I freaking missed this show!!!
    ^Random Appreciation GIF

    Now time to watch the Main Event & NXT taping wooh!:woo1:
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  4. Awesome show. Be happy to discuss it. 2 of my questions that may be answered here. 1: Who is Laurel's sister in the comics? She's all kick ass now, she must have been based on a character from the comics right? 2: Who is Oliver's Sister's BF going to be from the comics as well now that he has been injected with "mirakou" and survived? (sorry, bad with names)

    Maybe those are answered in the new episode, but I haven't watched it yet. I am also aching to see Summer Glau's character start kicking some ass because I know the actress can pull that stuff off (Serenity).
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  5. BTW, how hot is the IT girl! She's cute in her glasses too, but when she dresses up for undercover stuff.......:fap:
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  6. Laurel's sister was never in the comics, idk why they wrote it like this tbh.. basically Laurel and Laurels mom were both the Black Canary in the Comics however in the show they decided to create a fictional sister of Laurel's.. Honestly I think what's going to happen is Sarah will show up again and the truth will be revealed to Laurel while Sarah (the black canary in the show) is going to die. Who knows though that part is completely adapted.. And Roy idk it looks like he'll be Arsenal, although when they gave him the red arrow to notify Oliver of anything happening on the streets that lead me to believe he'll be the Red Arrow but now its looking more like Arsenal his other identity. It's funny because Roy (thea's boyfriend) is called Speedy in the comics which is what Oliver calls her in the show.
    They've tweaked a few things from the comics but to be honest it doesn't bother me because I'd rather see new versions rather than the old told over and over again.
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  7. Ahhh, Black Canary, ok. Not as familiar with DC as I am with Marvel.

    Can't wait to see the new episode! Wife likes the show too so I bet we watch it tonight.
  8. Is there a "Flash" show coming? Just wondering due to the thread title.
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  9. Well the initial plans were too backdoor pilot flash with Arrow, however instead I think they're just going to make Flash apart of Arrow idk they're still trying to feel out the reception on who they have in Arrow playing the Flash.. Personally I like him!
  10. Cool
  11. Flash is getting his own show. I heard it's gonna be like late 2014 or early 2015
  12. Who is playing him???
  13. I'm pretty sure it will be the same guy he seemed to get good reception with the viewers.

    Well that's good, I'm glad there will be another show about a Superhero with powers to compete against a dumb show like Gotham about agents to show again that Vigilantes/Heroes will own > Special Forces
  14. Ummmm, I guess I missed it. Was he in the newest ep? Haven't seen it yet so that would explain it.
  15. I heard that they are trying to make a TV Universe yet if Grant Gustin or whatever his name is that plays Flash gets a good reception, he'll have a cameo in Batman vs. Superman
  16. Season 2 8 & 9 if I remember right
  17. Huh, why don't I remember that? Damn it. Pretty sure I haven't missed any. Have to go back I guess.
  18. Yeah he was in two episodes before the mid season break back in mid December.
    Character name: Barry Allen he's the scientist who helps them out with the Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy case.
  19. He was dat nerdy guy that Felicity liked.
  20. Ohhhh, I know who he is now. I bet his name matched the comics right? Again, not as familiar with DC (except the big 2). I was rooting for him to hook up with Felicity since Oliver and Felicity seems unlikely.

    BTW, is Diggle from the comics at all or purely the show's doing?
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