Kayfabe Art of Sparks

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  1. *The camera shows The Amazing H walking along a street. He stops outside a shop. The camera turns to show a sign; “Art of Sparks”. H enters. Once inside you can hear rock music playing. The room is eerie, dark and filled with pictures of tattoos on the walls. You can hear the sound of a tattoo machine coming from the adjoining room. H walks through the shop and opens the door to the next room. A man with a spiked up mohawk is tattooing another man.*
    The Amazing H: Jay?
    *The man with the mohawk flinches. He turns off the tattoo gun and turns around.*
    Jay: Jay Sparks in the flesh. How you doing, cuz?
    *Jay walks over to H and gives him a hug.*
    Jay Sparks: Let’s take a five minute break...
    *Jay and The Amazing H walk through back into the other room.*
    Jay Sparks: So... Gold paint?
    The Amazing H: Yeah. I was told I would look good in gold, by a GIRL! So...Yeah...
    Jay Sparks: Still as lonely as ever I see...
    The Amazing H: Hey! That’s not fair... I have friends...
    Jay Sparks: It might help if you didn’t wear that ink on your face all the time.
    The Amazing H: I’ve never understood why you don’t just call it face paint.
    Jay Sparks: That’s because it isn’t face paint. If it was face paint, I would call it face paint. Using tattoo ink on your skin can’t be healthy. I’m surprised your skin isn’t dyed under all that.
    The Amazing H: Ohoho! Trust me, it is. That’s why you never see me without it. Thanks to my good cheek bones, with this face paint on the girlies think that I’ll be pretty attractive when I wash it off. Boy are they wrong! Haha!
    Jay Sparks: ... Right...
    The Amazing H: My face looks like the care bears puked on me. Ahh... Fun...
    Jay Sparks: ... So...Gold?
    The Amazing H: Yup. Oh! Any chance you could fix me up with some matching tights too? Everyone knows you’re the creative one of the family.
    *Jay sighs.*
    Jay Sparks: ... I guess so. You know the deal by now though.
    The Amazing H: Yeah I know... You do this for me and you get to practice a tattoo on me. Any chance I can get something good this time? I don’t mind the one on my chest but some of the ones you’ve put on my legs are horrible... One of the reasons I went back to wearing tights...
    Jay Sparks: Yeah, don’t worry about it. I’ve got a design in mind that I’ve wanted a test dummy for. Come back after your match this weekend and I’ll have your tights, ink and tattoo ready for your Pay Per View match.
    The Amazing H: Good stuff! I’ll see you next week.
    Jay Sparks: Oh, and Hammett... Do you not think it’s time you washed the purple out of your hair? It looks a mess.
    The Amazing H: Yeah... I was starting to think that myself. I think the purple hair is a little overkill. I’ll probably wash it out and go back to my natural black for the weekend.
    Jay Sparks: Good. See you next week then.
    The Amazing H: See you later.
    *H walks out the shop and heads back down the street, whistling as he walks. The camera fades to black.*
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