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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Solidus, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. Yes, and I'd like to write articles!

  2. Yes, but I just want to read what other members write.

  3. No.

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  1. Who would be interested in writing wrestling related articles here?
    It'd be a great way to get some high quality content on here, and for you to show off your writing.
    I have a full-blown article system with a pinterest (similar to our gallery) style layout, and I think it could be the new homepage here if it were popular enough.
    These articles don't have to be serious or professionally written, you can write top 5 lists, rant about how much you hate TNA, review recent shows, anything you can think of.
    State your interest.
  2. Even though I tend not to post in the forums other than IWT, I'd really be interested in reading actual articles, and writing one myself if possible.
  3. I mean't to chose the second option, ma bad.
  4. As long as people can write articles and aren't completely shitty at doing them (looking at you Brian), then I'm fine with it.
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  5. I will approve writers manually.
  6. Alright good, and I'd enjoy righting articles myself, gives me something to do in free time. So I'm all for it.
  7. Great. And like I say, you can write whatever you like, however you like.. as long as it has a point.
  8. Rants to?
  9. I used to write for a Facebook wrestling page with 6k followers.... I would not mind contributing.
  10. I'd read it, contributing probably wouldn't be my thing but yeah I'd read it. Would it be possible to subscribe to certain article categories so I got an alert when one was added to that category?
  11. I like the idea, it'd be cool to do things not just wrestling related, too. I could do so many NFL articles hahah.
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  12. throw the pen my way

    that is if the suits upstairs dare, the home truths would be flowing lads
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  13. Yep, I'd like to write.

    We need to submit a decent length example I'd presume?
  14. I thought just about wrestling. I'm on board
  15. I believe so.


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  16. Some call me the Sandow Specialist, any article related you can count on me :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  17. Not really a good start, is it? :dawg:
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  18. I would love to do something on Indy wrestling to be honest. I have always been interested in doing articles and that scene doesn't get much focus in articles and its my main interest in wrestling currently.

    Edit: I am about to type up an example, due to length it could be split into multiple different articles.
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  19. You can't use commas, disqualified ^

    Or apostrophes.
  20. When did you become GN? :tough:
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