AS Monaco signs Falcao

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  1. it was rumored for several weeks but now it's official Falcao signed a 5 year deal with Monaco for around 60 million.It was confirmed by AS Monaco twitter account
  2. Doesn't surprise me, they're spending mad money. I still expect him to be sold in the next 2 years by them though.
  3. it does surprise me that Falcao chose a club which doesn't play any European competition even if they offered a lot of money.
  4. Isn't there a clause in his agent contract that means his Agent chooses where he goes?
  5. 3rd party ownership probably left him with little choice, especially if they were the only ones willing to deal with the group which owns him. A rumour going round is he goes to Monaco for a year, gets big money tax free before heading back to Spain signing for Real.

    The 3rd party stuff is gone, he doesn't have to face the issue of a direct transfer from one side of Madrid to another, he gets a big payday and his reputation isn't damaged as he'll probably secure the title for Monaco (PSG while having a strong team can't invest much due to FFP restrictions in Europe which Monaco don't face) it's a plausible rumour I suppose.
  6. Next year Falcao will be what 29,30 years old ,i honestly don't see Madrid spending that kind of money to get him and i don't imagine Monaco will sell him for much less after 1 year of contract.

  7. 28 and I have no idea why or even if the clause exists but it is a popular rumour.

    I suppose it could be another Tevez / Mascherano situation.
  8. I've not seen credible sports sites or shows cite the third-party clause though. I believe the clubs interested in him (Madrid, Chelsea, United) were genuinely interested in him and made bids. Why would they if that existed?

    Regardless of that, if Falcao honestly chose to play for Monaco, then my respect for him drops. Some say he's the best striker in the world (I don't think so personally), so why join Monaco? Money talks, and that's the era we're living in. Ugh.
  9. I don't care, now Atletico has a good player less :pity:


    That's the 3rd party which invested in him, they have a profile for him and look at there about us page.
  12. It's not that I don't think he is under third-party ownership, it's that I don't quite buy into the huge effect some papers are saying it has. A LOT of foreign players are under third-party membership, and a lot of them get signed every year. As I said before, why would such bids arrive if the big clubs knew this existed around Falcao?

  13. Damn misread your initial post apologies, as for the bids were they ever official or was it agents drumming up interest?
  14. I read somewhere that Atletico themselves leaked that United bid for Falcao at some point, but I can't find that quote. It's probably the agents and the club themselves drumming up interest to ignite a bidding war; naturally increases his price and interest around him.

    Shame, I really wanted to see Falcao in the BPL this year. He himself said he wants to play there one day too. I honestly think he wouldn't have stormed through it like most expect him too. I reckon he'd be like an Aguero type player.
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