As pro wrestling fans, don't you honestly ever get sick and tired of the...

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  1. anti-pro wrestling trolls constantly reminding us of how "fake"(predetermined or scripted would be a better word of choice) wrestling is and then insult our intelligence?
  2. Not really. I mean they're speaking the truth. It's kind of funny, that people still think that other people think that it's real.
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  3. hi tsar
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  4. We all know that it's not real but the point is, they should back off and stop talking crap to people who enjoy pro wrestling for what it is. The fighting may be fake but you sure as hell can't always fake injuries and definately NOT those ladder and Hell in a Cell falls.
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  5. :jesse:
  6. People are fake too
  7. I point out stupid people calling it fake, they nearly always movies and crazy tv shows. Those are real... :jeritroll:
  8. I think they're quite sweet to be honest. It takes a breathtaking degree of arrogance to assume that you're the only person who's penetrated this huge conspiracy and people need you to save them from themselves.

    If it's someone I know (and I actually give a monkeys about their opinion) I usually try to help them see that you can appreciate the wrestlers' ability to sell not just their moves but their opponents as well, show them some of the 'breaking ground' or tough enough stuff so they can see how real the physical demand is, ask them to explain how the storylines are less valid than storylines in any other televised entertainment that they'll happily sit glued to...

    If not, smile and nod. Nothing infuriates someone who's trying to bait you more than cheerfully agreeing with them and refusing to argue!
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  9. I think arguing that it's scripted or whatever is kind of the wrong way to look at it. I watch because it's all the action of MMA, without the boring 5 minutes of pelvic grinding. I watch it because it has the epicness of Looney Tunes and Dexter's Lab but with real people.

    I know it's fake. But I don't really care, tbh imho, tbf, ffs.
  10. Yeah, they should get a life... Instead of being like: LOLOLOLWRESTLINGSUXWHYWOULDYOUWATCHTHATFAKESHIT
  11. Most of what is on TV is scripted, including "reality TV"... I would go as far as to say some sporting events (NBA, NFL, ect) are scripted to some degree. The people who constantly bash wrestling for being fake are probably the same people who watch Keeping Up With The Kardasians.
  12. To be honest, sometimes they do bother me JUST because of the injuries and the crap the guys go through and.. well, Perro Aguayo.
    Otherwise, it seems to either be thirteen year olds who are just developing a sense of superiority and how to be your typical really stupid male, or those people in life that just roll with the popular opinion on everything. Sorry, I don't take the criticisms of people who get pissy about Starbucks holiday cups they read half a Facebook post about seriously.

    We know what we like, and the real losers here are blindly criticizing people over things they enjoy. Eventually they'll learn that if you think less of someone over something so minuscule, it's you that winds up being the miserable loser in the end.
  13. I really don't care. And I don't understand why wrestling fans get so butthurt.

    I like Pokemon. You can tell me its a game for children, i won't care.
    I like Heavy Metal, you can tell me its mindless screaming created by satanists. I won't care.

    People need to stop getting so butthurt about everything. Why can't you just enjoy what you enjoy and not worry what ****s say/think.
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  14. Irl I've been told to grow up its not real lol. I usually keep it on the low low
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  15. Same.

    I don't tell anyone, unless someone tells me they watch. That's when I whip out the useless wrestling trivia. Like Pro Wrestling NOAH is my fav promotion. When it's more like a #3.
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  16. Only if its Slayer :emoji_wink:
  17. Show No Mercy
  18. I read somewhere a good response if someone says it. Don't remember the exact words, but think it went something like this.

    Random: Wrestling isn't real you know?
    Me: Well no shit. Everyone knows that. What are you stupid? Yo SHADOW, this guy was telling that wrestling isn't real!

    Actually idk how it went. Was pretty funny tho. If I find it, I'll link it.
  19. That was weak. 4/10
  20. I said it wasn't the right joke you filthy jew.
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