As TNA fans, would you like this?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Simple, would you like this scenario.

    -Vince buys TNA
    -TNA invade WWE
    -TNA invading WWE turns WWE into TV-14 environment again

    Would you like this? Discuss.
  2. God no, he'd butcher it ending the closes thing to competition. Not to mention all the great talent he'd bury like his last invasion angle.
  3. Hell no, 2 completely different aspects.
    Cool if Vince buys TNA, but Vince is and will stay WWE..
  4. That'd kill me as a wrestling fan. Pure and simple. So, definitively no.
  5. TNA is not stupid enough to fall into Vincent K Mcmahon's hands as well as the :shovel: 's hands too.
  6. I threw up a little. God no
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  7. Lmao, is there any specific reasons?

    Also, what if Vince bought TNA, it stayed as TNA (no invasion), but you could then draft WWE stars in that sort of edgy environment? I guess no because Vince would most likely kill it like he done with ECW.
  8. He'd keep it as an after thought. If Vince didn't create it he'll kill it after prolonging it's death beyond reason.
  9. True. I'm no JeebaK and PG doesn't bother me to that level, but I must admit a TV-14 switch (even if temporarily) with the likes of Bully Ray insulting Cena just appeals to me.
  10. It doesn't even need to PG 14 they can curse under their current banner, they've even done it a few times. It's more to do with sponsorship then them being censored.

    This rating signifies that the program may be unsuitable for children under the age of 9 or 10 without the guidance of a parent. Many parents may want to watch it with their younger children. Various game shows and most reality shows are rated TV-PG for their suggestive dialogue, suggestive humor, and/or coarse language. Some anime programs are given this rating, as are many prime-time series. Prime-time Cartoon Network series and all World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) programs (including those aired on pay-per-view) after 2008 were changed to TV-PG.
  11. I was sure that on the mic TV 14 still gives you significantly more room for edgy material. But I'm no expert. Either way a more edgy WWE with Ray and Steiner appeals :emoji_slight_frown:.

    Though, I'd rather TNA be on the same level as WWE, or even surpass them. We'd probably see a much better WWE product that way.
  12. It does obviously but under PG they can use coarse language ( swearing) just not go crazy with it.
  13. Unlike WCW, there aren't too many stars Vince would even want to bring aboard or even push

    Keep in mind, TNA has extraordinary talents, but .... why would WWE go and sign anybody like that?
  14. I'm not sure, there's quite a few of them that would be upper mid-card or main-event. I'm sure something could happen, maybe wishful thinking.
  15. Reality is that the scenario you put forth is the same scenario that existed with WCW back in 2001. It should have been the greatest invasion angle in history but several mistakes were made:

    1) Vince wouldn't do what it took to sign Hogan, Nash, Sting, and Goldberg right away (I know he later got 3of those 4, but that was after the WCW Invasion crashed and burned).

    2) The angle got waaaaay overbooked, with Steph and the ECW guys, then moving Austin and Angle over to the WECW Alliance. He didn't let the actual ECW and WCW guys (Booker T, RVD, etc.) carry the load they could/should have. That was just made worse by the fact that the WCW locker room leaders (especially Sting) weren't part of the equation.

    3) Vince wouldn't allow the Alliance guys to be booked like legitimate threats to the WWE guys. Booker T should have been treated as the equal of Rocky. Scott Steiner would have made a great opponent (at the time) for Austin. These were the two guys competing for the WCW Championship when the company shut down. They were jobbed out like comedy talent and a lot of those guys never got their fair shake from WWE. I'm not saying that Booker should have gone over Rocky in the end or that Steiner was better than Austin; but the fact they were booked like jokes made it less than impressive that it took so much to finally beat them.

    In the end, the WWE guys didn't look strong because the Alliance guys were made to look weak.

    I think a lot of wrestling fans are afraid that a TNA purchased by WWE would end up with basically the same thing, except that Vince actually respected WCW and he has no respect for TNA, so it would probably be much worse.


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  16. Vince needs to fuck off and go play golf, ride horses or something. No more wrestling business for him.
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