ASHLEY SIXX is the Next Entrant in the Top Prospect Tournament

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  1. AshleySixx
    As ROH heads into the new year, it's time to find the next crop of athletes who will lead us into the future. It's time for the return of the TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT! On January 3rd in Nashville, the 2015 ROH TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT kicks of fans you can be there live! Plus, the winner of the tournament is guaranteed an ROH TV Title opportunity when we return to Baltimore on March 7th.


    Sometimes, appearances can be deceiving. But with Ashley Sixx, what you see really is what you get. He's gritty and edgy - the kind of guy who makes you a bit nervous. Unpredictable. And that's exactly how Ashley Sixx wants it. He's definitely coming into the 2015 TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT with an intimidation advantage. But he also has the pedigree to back up his unique look. For years, Sixx has been traveling and training with former ROH World Champion Michael Elgin. He has the support of one of the best in the world, and that's not a recommendation to be taken lightly.

    For Ashley Sixx, every opportunity - every moment - must be lived to the fullest. While every single professional athlete undergoes struggle after struggle, Sixx has faced challenges far beyond the wrestling ring. He is a cancer survivor. After that journey, there is nothing that can keep him down. He makes no excuses and he is who he is. And now, can he become the ROH TOP PROSPECT for 2015?

    You can be there LIVE to see the hungriest young athletes battle for an opportunity to compete with the best professional wrestlers on the planet. To be there for the opening rounds in Nashville, click HERE! And for tickets to our Philadelphia event hosting the semifinals and finals, click HERE!

    Previously Announced
    Will Ferrara

    Saturday, January 3rd, 2015
    National TV Taping
    Tennessee State Fairgrounds/Expo
    625 Smith Avenue
    Nashville, TN 37203

    Saturday, January 24th, 2015
    2300 Arena (formerly known as The ECW Arena)
    2300 S. Swanson St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19148

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