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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by OutsiderADAM, May 14, 2013.

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  1. Just so you guys know, I wasn't 100% sure where to host this thread, so I just chucked it here.

    Basically this is a thread where I will answer basically any wrestling question I can to the best of my knowledge. People always say I have interesting responses and studied opinions on professional wrestling and anytime I've done this on another forum it has been very well-received.

    A bit of background info; I'm heavily up to date with current WWE and TNA, I have a broad spectrum of knowledge in regards to WCW/WWF and I'm passable with most independent companies. However, if I feel I do not know enough about the subject matter of a users question I will say so.

    *note* I will also accept booking scenarios such as "Book JTG as World Heavyweight Champion in 2012".

    Fire away lads, fire way.
  2. Why are Roode and Aries being used in the tag division, despite deserving so much more?
  3. Saw a thread called "Ask Adam"...Got excited....saw it wasn't about me....:smug:
  4. I think Roode and Aries (collectively referred to as 'Dirty Heels' from this point forward) aren't doing much harm at this point in the tag team division. They are still the highlight of nearly every show alongside Bad Influence and Dirty Heels have managed to keep themselves relevant and over to the point where either man could beat a current main event singles guy and people wouldn't blink an eye-lid. I think TNA management has really walked into something great here, despite them doing it in a blind fashion. Initially I believe Dirty Heels were thrown together so the two of them would have something to do in the current climate where the top heels on the program are a stable. But now, now Dirty Heels have achieved the unimaginable - they're in the tag team division but they're main event players and everyone views them as such. Although the tag team division is a little thin at the moment, every tag team in it would be considered to be consisted of at least upper-mid card guys. For me it's not so much Dirty Heels deserving better than the tag team division anymore because their presence is making the tag team division deserving of guys like them. Instead of dropping to the level of the tag team division, Dirty Heels have dragged it up to their level and by God am I enjoying it.

    However, I wouldn't fret, a split is inevitable and TNA have made this clear as both men's pasts as World Champions frequently comes into play. I expect both men to have a loose alliance but be mainly singles guys by the time the BFG Series rolls around which creates a problem in itself as it will be a huge blow to the tag team division . . . but TNA's tag team division is a completely other question.
  5. At least you've one helluva name.
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