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  1. Ask me anything, it can be as personal as you want, or as random as you want. I will give you an honest answer for whatever you ask. I am actually a pretty intelligent person despite my "taboo" life choices.
  2. Do you believe in #Crayoiluminati?
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  3. I believe that Crayo is infact the creator of the plane of reality that we reside in. According to the multiverse theory, there is an infinite amount of parallel realities, each one sprouted from a decision or choice of a singular person within the primary timeline. Using this theory, somewhere out there, Crayo is actually God, and the creator of man.

    I hope this answers your question.
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  4. Do you believe in God?
  5. In short? No.
    I could go further into my thoughts on this if you wish, however I don't want to offend anyones beliefs on the subject. :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. What is your favourite food and why?
  7. Ok =). Another question.

    What wrestling company do you prefer TNA or WWE?
  8. This is actually one of the hardest questions ever, I always get lost on choice when asked this. I love spicy food, so mexican, indian etc, but I can literally eat pizza at any time of the day, even for breakfast, soooo if I had to choose, id say pizza, with whatever spicy toppings are available. Oh, and Kinder Buenos, they're the shit!


    WWE, simply because that's the only wrestling ive ever watched. Im talking years ago here as well, British Bulldog and Mankind era, lol.
  9. Are you seriously lacking intelligence to the point you think it's okay to post about what drugs you partake/sell IRL? Or are you just trolling.

  10. I am actually an extremely intelligent individual. I have worked for one of the largest, most profitable companies in the world, within a highly respected position. My involvement within the narcotics world is out of choice, and when you can make several thousand pounds each weekend from the comfort of your own home each weekend using a legitimate legal method I may think about it, until then im extremely happy with my life. Thanks for your concern though :emoji_wink:
  11. How gay is Crayo? (Go all out on explaining.)
  12. If you was allowed one wish, what would it be?
  13. Too easy...

    Picture a room, with 1000 men in it, doing one massive train of dutch rudders, whilst eating crackers covered in the semen they all feltched out of eachother, whilst watching twilight.. thats pretty gay right? Thats about 1% of how gay Crayo actually is.


    Other than the cliche "I wish I had more wishes"?

    Probably for Cheryl Cole to be permanently attached my face like some sort of delicious scarf of sorts.
  14. You lost me at 1000 men. I would never imagine 1000 men. :cornette:
    But I do understand how gay Crayo is. We all do.

    Next question: Which is the best forum you've been on? This can go from HF to MF to whatever.
  15. HF is full of 15 year old kids who they're "Boss". The only upside was the trolling, I wouldn't be suprised if someone committed suicide due to me and Crayo.

    But from a neutral perspective i'd say MF, the community was great, it had massive potential and it was actually visually stunning from the constant work on the theme. Not just saying that because I was staff either, that was a great site.
  16. I found HF decent back in the day. It seems to be filled with way more fags now.

    Next question: You said you were in jail. Is this true and why?
  17. Brah, do you even lift?
  18. Twice unfortunately. First time was when I worked for a MASSIVE bank within a fraud investigation unit. I basically took a pay off to look the other way on a high profile fraudster. Got caught out on an account audit and sentanced and fined. The second time was a small 60 day sentance for distribution of a class A substance.

    No, I actually don't. I go raving a shit tonne though if thats any good to you?
  19. It is :yay:
  20. Are you in love?
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