Ask Farooq questions

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. Let the questions come

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  2. that's not all that's coming. Ha ahhhh!

    How's the weather down there?
  3. DAMN
  4. is Farooq's match with Vader when he won the WCW title his best match IYO?
  5. In WCW single yes
  6. Who's your APA partner here on WF? Can't remember tbh...:burns:
  7. ^ I can answer that for him. It's the guy posing as the Rock when he is actually Rikishi #Notgivingup :win: aka Lil' Wade aka the man of a thousand gimmicks
  8. Aaah, the boss who tags Crayo just about every minute, lol. But he stole my idea of the man of thousand faces gimmick...:bury:
  9. Why did you get a music major?
  10. Will you make a gif with my name somehow in it?
  11. What other matches would you put above it?
  12. If you had the opportunity to kiss ron simmons.. would you? O.O
  13. @WWE DAMN
    @Crayo DAMN
    @Dolph DAMN
    @Vince DAMN

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    @WWE Because I love music.
    @Crayo sure later though
    @Dolph I actually preffered his match with the Undertaker even though he lost
    @Vince I don't know how to kiss myself :boss:
  14. What wrestler would you choose to be president?
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